Korean Fall Fashion🍁🍂


Fall is here! The weather is getting colder and the outfits are getting warmer. This is one of my favorite seasons for fashion. The burnt oranges and neutral colors are so cute! Also, this is the season that we can start layering and not be incredibly uncomfortable which I love! I wanted to share some of my favorites fashion stables for this fall! All of these clothes come from Yesstyle, an online Korean store so if you are interested make sure it hit the ‘click here’🍁

Denim Jackets


Denin jackets are such an important part of fall fashion! They are perfect for layering and for adding some color to your outfit! One of my favorite trends this year are unique denim jackets such as the two above. I have seen so many different types of denim jackets such as fridge, embroidered backs, and even pearls! I love all of these jackets and I think that they can just make an outfit so cute!🍂

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Socks are such a small detail in an outfit but honestly, I have the most fun picking out socks for each outfit! I love to get funky and unique socks because they are such an eye-catcher. Literally, every time I wear fun socks I get a compliment on them because they are a piece of your outfit that most people forget! These two types I have shown above are some of my favorites. They are both simple but unique and fun at the same time!🍂

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Turtle Necks


I think that one of the most useful pieces of clothing in the fall is a good variety of turtle necks! These are the perfect shirts to layer cute jackets or coats over! Personally, I love to buy really bright and colorful basics so that they pop and can make the outfit stand out a little more! Both of these turtle necks shown above are perfect for layering this fall they are cozy and give a pop of color!🍁

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Another great layer essential for the fall is cardigans! Right now oversized cardigans are very popular and I love them! They are comfy, soft, and keeps you warm! I love adding a colorful or playful style cardigan on top of my black or white outfits! It is such an easy way to make a simple outfit pop while also staying on trend with the season! I am obsessed with the two I have shown above they look so comfy and I already have so many outfit ideas for them!🍁

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Recently I have been into the lounge look! I think a simple pair of sweatpants with a cute crop top is such a perfect yet simple outfit! I like the more fitted sweatpants because they show off your figure a bit more! These two I have above are perfect for the simple and comfortable look! These are the best pants for the fall to lounge around or run to the store!🍂

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Slippers are something I have been buying like crazy recently! Every time I find a cute pair of slippers I just need to get them! I love wearing slippers around the house in the fall because I swear my feet are the only thing that gets cold in the house so a pair of soft fuzzy slippers are perfect for me! And there are some super cute and fun slippers out there like the ones above!🍂

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大好き사랑해 love^^


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