Spooky K-Pop Songs For Halloween🎃


It is officially October and that means that it is officially Halloween season!🎃

I for one love Halloween and I Halloween in the K-Pop industry. It is always very exciting seeing the new spooky songs that group come out with to get everyone in the mood!

Below I have put together a list of some awesome spooky K-Pop songs to get you in the mood for Halloween! Enjoy💀👻

IZONE Vampire🦇

credit – official IZ*ONE – YouTube

This is IZONE’s new song and currently I am obsessed with it! Now I know that this is one of their Japanese songs but honestly, it is just a great song to get you in the Halloween spooky mood so it counts! This song had the spooky looks, sounds, and vibes!

EXO Monster🎃

credit – SMTOWN – YouTube

This is a classic song that will always give off the spooky vibes! I love this song so much and honestly, the whole song is perfect to get you in the mood for Halloween. You can’t go wrong with EXO and this classic spooky song will always be legendary!

Sunmi Full Moon🕸

credit – jypentertainment – YouTube

This is another oldie but a goodie! Full Moon by Sunmi is a classic Halloween style song. If the music video doesn’t give you enough chills then the beauty and vibes of the song surely will! This song is so mysterious and really gets you in the spooky mood! Also, she looks AMAZING in the music video!

Dreamcatcher Chase Me👻

credit – Happyface entertainment – YouTube

This is a newer song by Dreamcatcher that is amazing! This lucid smooth song is the perfect thing to listen too before getting dressed up for Halloween night! The music video is very creepy but also elegant. Pulling in images from the classic movie The Shining and other cult images give the music video a real spooky edge!

Block B Jackpot💀

credit – Stone Music Entertainment – YouTube

This song will ALWAYS stay in my top favorite spooky songs of all time! I love this song so much and actually, it is one of the first Kpop songs I ever listened too! While the other songs used very elegant and beautiful spooky images Jackpot uses scary, bloody, and harsh images of clowns. Honestly, what is even scarier than clowns? Nothing!! If you haven’t listened to this song please go watch the music video and get in the spooky mood!


credit – jypentertainment – YouTube

The most impactful spooky Halloween style song of all time, TT!!! This song by TWICE has been known in South Korea and all around the world as the iconic Halloween song. The music video is loaded with different Halloween costumes that will help anyone get in the spooky mood! This is such a cute and iconic song and their stage performances of this song are even better!


What are some of your favorite Halloween Kpop songs? I know there are soooo many spooky style kpop songs out there so this is just a couple of my personal favorites!

Happy Halloween🎃

大好き사랑해 love^^


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