Best Kpop Songs For Valentines Day❤


Valentine’s day is just around the corner! Luckily the wonderful world of Kpop has everyone’s love song needs covered this V-day!❤ Here is a list of 5 Kpop love songs that are perfect to listen to on Valentine’s day, whether you’re getting ready for a fun night with your lover or sitting in bed with a bowl of popcorn!

Let’s Get Started!💞

Bolbbalgan4 – You and Me From The Start

credit – DanalEntertainment – YouTube

This song is part of the soundtrack from the Korean drama “Ruler Master of the Mask”. This song is both beautiful and happy. It is one of those love songs that makes you want to get up and dance! I love this song and how beautiful the lyrics and vibe flows!

Suzy – Because I Love You Boy

credit – DOM – YouTube

If there is one thing I know Suzy is amazing at it is making a beautiful love song! God this song hits me my heart every time I listen to it, the lyrics, her voice, the melody, everything is so amazing. She does such a good job at conveying the true emotion of love through her song!

Yoon Mi Rae – You Are My World

credit – 1theK – YouTube

One of the best romantic dramas ever is “Legend of the Blue Sea” it is magical, mystical, curious, and loving all at the same time, and so is this song from the soundtrack! This song has such a different vibe than most love songs, it is slow, classic, and smooth. The song draws you into the feelings of love and deep emotions connecting two people.

Jung Yup – It’s Love

credit – xFictionShadowMV1 xSBS – YouTube

This song holds a very special place in my heart. This song is from the Korean drama, “Doctors” which is, in fact, the first Korean drama I had ever watched, so this song brings back a lot of memories from that time in my life. One of my favorite things about this song is the realistic idea of love between two mature people it portrays. This song brings you through the hardship and leads you to the beauty at the end of the road.

SG Wannabe – I Confess

credit – Daum Music Channel – YouTube

This is one of my favorite love songs because you can feel how much passion and deep emotions were poured into it from the lyrics and the singing. Honestly, I love any song from “Moon Lovers” but this one just makes me feel so much. I think the old vibe that this song has makes to stand out from the other love songs made today.


Happy Valentine’s day everyone, I hope you all have an amazing day spent with love and care from others and yourself! Let me know some of your favorite Korean love songs down below so I can listen to them this V-day! ❤💞💘

大好き 사랑해 love^^


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