Affordable Spring Korean Fashion🌻

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Finally, spring is just around the corner which means that soon everyone will be wearing cute skirts and beautiful dresses. Spring is my favorite season, I love the flowers blooming, the birds and animals coming back out, the smell of the warm air breezing by. Spring clothes can be difficult to find since the weather tends to change so much! You don’t want to be freezing but also don’t want to be too bundled up!

I have the perfect list of Korean spring clothes that are cute, fashionable, and affordable!!🏵



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Ruffled hem mini skirts are such a new and popular item on the Korean fashion trend for spring! I love these skirts so much they are so cute and different. One of my favorite things about spring is skirts because you can totally wear a mini skirt like these with a fluffy sweater or turtle neck and have a cute and perfect outfit for the spring weather!! The ruffled hem skirts are such a new form that I love and I think it looks so flattering on everyone, I love the texture and look of these skirts!


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One style that I am completely obsessed with is long skirts. I think they can look so classy and beautiful if they are styled right! These pleated long skirts are such a beautiful piece to wear in the spring. They are breezy, fun, and cute! One of my favorite things about these skirts is they are very beautiful but not too crazy. I love to wear clothes that are cute and fun, but most of the time I do not want to stand out too much and this skirt is that perfect piece.

Crop Tops


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Sometimes it is really hard to find the perfect top to wear in the spring, you don’t want to be too cold but you also can’t wear a sweater since it is too hot, so this sweater crop top is the perfect top for spring! I absolutely love these lightweight sweaters, they are so cute and look good with everything! The knit material is my favorite because it gives the top new dimensions with the fabric. The turtleneck cut of these shirts also gives you a winter lightweight look which I love.


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These shirts are my favorite types of shirts that I have seen in such a long time! I love this shoulder cut SO much you guys have no idea. I think this button-up V-neck cut shirt look so flattering on every single person who wears them. I think they look cute, but also mature and classy. These shirts are the perfect fancy piece for a spring outfit, wearing these with cute skirts or even jeans can spice up your outfit so much! I know I am probably going to be buying both of these super soon because what can I say I’m in love!

Loose Pants


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Wide leg pants are one of my favorite things to wear in my whole entire life! I love them so so much I can’t even explain it to you, these are my favorite things to wear I think they make everyone look cute, adorable, and they are cuter than a normal pair of pants! These drawstring ones are some of my favorites because you can tighten the drawstring as tight as you want to and it really makes your waist for flattering!


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The crop wide pant is also one of my all-time favorites! Personally, I feel a little bit awkward in these because I have not been wearing them for a long time, but I know if I style it right then I can feel as confident as these cute girls above! I love how cute these look with a simple shirt and a pair of converse! I think that these pants are ten times cuter than a normal pair of jeans and they really stand out more!



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Long dresses are some of my favorite things to wear during the spring. They are classy, cute, breezy, and fun! I love tie knot dresses because they look beautiful but also come off kind of casual and not to fancy. These are the perfect dresses to wear during the springtime because of how light they can be!


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Another type of dress that I love to wear during the spring is these flowy medium cut dresses. They look fancy but are the perfect breezy dress for the spring season! I really like the whole sweet girl style and these are totally that, they are flowy and sweet and can make any person look adorable!

Spring fashion is a very hard thing to style because of the change in temperature. Hopefully, this little style guide of some of my favorite Korean spring pieces helps you guys out! Comment below what your favorite spring fashion trend is!

大好き사랑해 love^^


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