My Only Love Song – Review


My Only Love Song is a Netflix distributed historical time shift drama. This drama aired in the summer of 2017 and is 20 episodes long. The drama is starring Lee Jong Hyun as On Dal, Kong Seung Yeon as Song Soo Jung, and many more incredible actresses and actors! I decided to watch this drama because I loved the actors and I really wanted a historical drama, but this drama gave me 10 times more entertainment then I anticipated!💜

The Characters

Song Soo Jung


Song Soo Jung is played by Kong Seung Yeon and she is the female lead of this drama. Song Soo Jung is a top star in Korea. She is very popular and is currently filming a historical drama (confusing I know). She might come off a bit bossy, bold, and arrogant at first, but trust me she will grow on you. She is a very strong-willed girl and doesn’t want to be commanded by other people. Song Soo Jung is the first person that goes back in time with Bong Bong. Personally, I loved Song Soo Jung, she brought a lot of light and comedy to the sometimes intense drama!

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On Dal

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On Dal is played by Lee Jong Hyun and he is the male lead in this drama. On Dal is someone who lives in the Goryeo era of Korean history. He is a cunning, charming, and sneaky man. Throughout the drama, we learn so much about On Dal and it helps us understand his stand in life. I loved On Dal more and more throughout this drama. He grew from an uncaring cheap man to a loyal, passionate, and caring lover. She is such a noble character and he brings a lot to this drama!

Princess Pyunggang


Princess Pyunggang is played by Kim Yeon Soo and she is the second female lead in this drama. She is the Kings daughter in this historical part of this drama and she is a feisty girl. She believes in true love and will always go against what her father tries to make her do. I think Princess Pyunggang was such an important role in this drama. She was so happy and eager to go on adventures with the crew! I loved her so much because she is so curious about everything, but she is also cautious and not stupid about what she does.

Moo Myung


Moo Myung is played by Ahn Bo Hyun and is the second male lead in this drama. She is Princess Pyeonggang’s bodyguard and he will protect her with his life. Not only does Moo Myung want to protect this Princess he also may have a little bit of feelings for her, or a lot a bit. Moo Myung is a silent person and the only one that can understand his inner thoughts is Princess Pyeonggang. I knew I would like Moo Myung from the very beginning because bodyguards in historical dramas are always amazing. Throughout the drama we see Moo Myung grow and let go a bit.

Byun Sam Yong

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Byun Sam Yong is played by Lee Jae Jin and is one of the main characters in this drama. Byun Sam Yong is Song Soo Jung’s manager in the present life. He has a love-hate relationship with Song Soo Jung, but he will always stay by her side as her trusty manager. Byun Sam Yong ends up going to the past with Song Soo Jung accidentally. He brings a lot of cuteness to the drama, he is funny and adorable. I think that his character is needed in the drama to bring a lot of the present day elements to the past.

The Story


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This drama is considered a time shift drama. Song Soo Jung is a top star in 21st century Korea, but after getting upset on her drama set she ends up getting into this mysterious van, Boong Boong. Boong Boong isn’t any normal van, right when Song Soo Jung starts the car a destination is already set. She decided to drive to the set destination and ends up in a very strange place!

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Boong Boong took Song Soo Jung back in time to the Goryeo era of Korean history. There is has to adjust to this new lifestyle while meeting some very strange people along the way. On Dal is one of the many people she meets, but perhaps he is the most important. On Dal and Song Soo Jung decide to team up to stay safe.

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Song Soo Jung and On Dal end up taking Boong Boong to the place where they meet Princess Pyeonggang and Moo Myung. These two are looking for a way out of the place and a way to save Princess Pyeonggang from a wrongful marriage. The crew of 4 adventure through Korea to find an escape. Along the say Song Soo Jungs manager Byun Sam Yong realizes he too is there with them in the past.

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The 5 friends try to find a way to save the princess while also learning a lot about each other along the way. Love forms, Boong Boong takes them to strange locations, people get hurt, and the best part is the all find out some strange things about the future.

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credit – smittenskitten -tumblr

Princess Pyeonggang is supposed to marry Go Il Yong, the general. He is a strange, narcissistic man who is only trying to marry the Princess for his own gain. This is the person the crew is trying to get away from. Along the journey Go Il Yong gains a fear of Song Soo Jung and keeps seeing her everywhere.


The story is amazing in this drama. The comedy mixed with romance and historical tension creates an amazing concept. My favorite thing is the fact that the story isn’t too heavy. Sometimes historical dramas can be very dramatic and over the top crazy, but this drama is amazing because the time shift and the comedy light the drama up and make the story less dramatic in a good way.



Overall, this is one of my top favorite historical dramas now! I love all the characters and the story kept me interested the whole time! The concept of a comedy historical drama is great and I love how the writers did such a good job at switching from tension to humor. The love is the best part of this drama. Seeing Song Soo Jung and On Dal fall deeper and deeper in love was amazing!

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This drama is a must watch! I didn’t know if it would be good since it was produced by Netflix, but I was so surprised when I watched this drama and realized that it is once of the best dramas I have seen in such a long time!! Please watch this drama and experience the comedy, romance, tragedy, and passion on this time shift drama! You will fall in love with the characters and story just as much as I did!


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大好き사랑해 love^^



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