Tokyo Japan Trip🌺


Tokyo Japan🌺

On my two week trip to Japan this summer I, of course, had to stop by Tokyo for a weekend and experience as much of this massive city as I could! While I wish I could have stayed in Tokyo longer I am still so happy that I got to hit all of my top places!











We arrived at Shinjuku station right before sundown! I was so excited to see the city from the train. We planned on staying for the weekend so we wanted to make the most out of our first night here! Shinjuku was very busy and professional looking! Everything looked so sleek and clean! Being my first time in Tokyo I was so surprised by the number of people, lights, and signs! Walking around Shinjuku at night trying to find somewhere to eat was a challenge but luckily we found an amazing meal!🍙


This was one of my favorite meals on the whole Japan trip (besides my favorite ramen restaurant of course!) Rice, Miso soup, and Katsu was the perfect meal to end a night in Tokyo. The restaurant was small, but overlooked the streets of Tokyo which was very cool to experience! After this amazing and filling meal, we decided to walk around Shinjuku some more to experience the rest of the nightlife!










Meiji Shrine🌺


After spending the night is a traditional style Japanese hotel room, we decided to start the day with a trip through Meiji Shrine! Walking from Shibuya station all the way to Meiji Shrine was a bit of walk but I loved every second of it! I loved seeing the changing moods of the city and just walking along the roads and experiencing everything! Meiji Shrine was so beautiful! The crowd was not bad at all and it was a peaceful getaway from the city!🎎



Meiji Shrine is a place I would recommend every traveler to go to! Walking through this Shrine is such a peaceful experience and makes you feel like you aren’t in one of the most popular cities in the world! I think even though Meiji Shrine is not the most spectacular Shrine that I saw on my Japan trip it was still a great experience just because of the size and the location!




Meiji Shrine was a beautifully crafted Shrine that is a most visit in Japan! The size of this Shrine makes the whole place feel much less crowded then you would think and the whole Shrine will make you feel peaceful and relaxed!



After exiting Meiji Shrine we stopped at Harajuku for some shopping! I was so so so excited when I saw the sign that said “Takeshita Street” because I have seen this place for so many years and have dreamed of going here forever! This was a dream come true for me and it was all I could have imagined!🍥










Luckily we decided to go to Harajuku early in the morning so it was not busy at all! I was so surprised because I was expecting there to be so many people just like every picture I have seen! So pro tip – if you want to visit Harajuku and do some shopping then I recommend you go early in the morning to have the least amount of crowds!










Walking through Harajuku was so exciting! The whole place was cute and adorable! Believe in or not I actually didn’t buy anything here, mostly because I wanted to wait until I got to Shibuya to shop! Either way, every single shop here was so cute! Apparently, Crepes are super famous in Harajuku! There was literally Crepe shops EVERYWHERE!


Yoyogi Park🌺


After shopping Harajuku we decided to stop at Yoyogi Park to relax, take a break from walking, and eat some street food! One of the things I wanted to do while in Japan was to eat street food! There was a small van selling curry with an egg and I decided to buy some and eat it at the park! This was again a very peaceful part of Tokyo that made it feel like I wasn’t even in the city!




After eating and relaxing for a bit we went back to Shibuya to do a little bit of shopping! I was so excited to go to Shibuya 109! Just like Harajuku, I had heard so much about Shibuya 109 and it felt like a dream that I was actually there! (Side note – TWICE was playing on the big screen in Shibuya so you all KNOW I was fangirling so hard) 🍭Anyway, Shibuya 109 was amazing! I bought a couple of shirts and I also bought a cup of Boba! I had to try Boba in Japan because I was certain it would be better than in America!




Our last stop on the Tokyo trip was Akihabara! I, of course, had to stop by the Anime district of Tokyo and experience it! Coming out of Akihabara station was probably the most surreal and mind-blowing experience of all the Japan trip! I have seen the outside of Akihabara station so many times, on videos, in pictures, and even going on google maps and find a route out of the station! So, walking out of this station didn’t even feel real. It was so cool for me to see Akihabara and think to myself wow I’m actually here!💜











Stopping in Akihabara to get some cute Pokemon stuffed animals was the goal, but I walked out to have one of the most surreal moments of my life! I wasn’t planning on going to Akihabara, but I am very very happy I did!


Going Home🌺


Overall, my Tokyo trip was absolutely amazing! I was able to experience and do all the things I have dreamed of doing for so long! Tokyo is such a big place and there is so much to take in at this place! I can’t wait to go back one day and do so many different things! I loved this trip and will remember it forever!


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大好き사랑해 love^^



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