The Best Halloween Costumes in Kpop🎃



In the honor of it being Halloween today, I wanted to make a quick and simple post about Halloween! And what better way to celebrate Halloween then looking back on some of the best Halloween costumes in Kpop history! These are just a few of my favorite costumes, but I want to see what favorites you guys have so please share!!👻

GOT7 The Avengers🎃


credit –

One of my all time favorites is GOT7 dressing up as the iconic Avengers! They pulled this look off SO well and honestly these crazy superheroes fit the GOT7 personality so well! Not to mention how attractive Jackson looks as Thor, WOW!

Oh My Girl – Vampires🎃


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Vampires are a classic Halloween costume for Kpop idols, and Oh My Girl pulled this look off so well! They combined the sexiness of the vampires with the cuteness of their group! Also how cute are those hats and caps! They look so good on the girls with their all black hair! Oh My Girl you killed it!🧛‍♀️



BTS brought us a little bit of sexiness this Halloween night and trust me we are all loving it! These spooky, sexy costumes are the best thing any Army could ask for! Could they dress like this all the time, please??

Red Velvet – Winnie The Pooh🎃


Oh My Gosh!!! This could very well be the cutest Kpop costume of all time! These girls look so cute and cozy in these Winnie the Pooh costumes! Truthfully I might make this my next Halloween costume because it is just so cute and looks so comfy! Red Velvet your Halloween costume is adorable and probably the cutest of all time.🐻

NCT Dream – Smurfs🎃


Now, this is a new Kpop Halloween costume that I came across but I am completely obsessed with it! NCT Dream killed this costume and it is so perfect for their group! Look even Smurfette looks adorable!!👻



So Twice just hosted their ONCE Halloween event and they killed the costumes!! I was so excited when I saw these pictures come out because they all look SO good and So scary! I mean Mina and Chaeyoung look so sexy while Dahyun looks like the scariest thing ever as Annabelle!!🍭

Chanyeol – Iron Man🎃


Let’s not forget the most iconic Halloween costume of all time, Chanyeol as Iron Man! Apparently, this costume cost him 11,000 dollars! But you have to admit he looks great in it and honestly, if you want to dress up for Halloween might as well go all out! You win Chanyeol, you win!🎃

Well, hope you all liked these cute Kpop Halloween costumes and I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!! Make sure to like and follow if you liked this post! Comment down below what you favorite Kpop Halloween costumes are!🎃👻


大好き사랑해 love^^


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