Twice Mini Album Announcement


🍭Calling all ONCE!!🍭

TWICE just recently announced that they are coming out with their 6th mini album soon! We all know TWICE are my favorite group of all time and honestly every single time they announce a new album or single I freak out with excitement!

Yes or Yes🎲

TWICE has announced that they will be releasing “Yes or Yes” on November 5th, only a couple days away! We do not have very many details yet on the mini album, but we do know that this seems to be a new concept for TWICE as well as the first album since their 3 year anniversary. Personally, I am super excited to see what this album has in store for TWICE and I am really hoping that this concept is less cute (even though I love the cuteness) and more spooky or mysterious. I think it will be a refreshing taste of TWICE for the fans and will also grab a lot of attention!


The theme of this album seems to be a card game, but I am really getting mysterious tones from these teaser photos. I am not sure if this feeling is right but either way I am loving the teaser photos and CANNOT wait to see the first individual teaser photos as well as a video teaser!

twice yes

TWICE we cannot wait for your comeback and I hope all of you guys are as excited for the mini album as I am! Make sure to check back in on my blog after “Yes or Yes” comes out to get my review and impressions on the album!🍭


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大好き 사랑해 love^^


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