My Kpop Workout Playlist🎶


Almost every Kpop fan has heard of the infamous IU diet or any girl idol’s workout routine. However, while these are great for those idols, I don’t personally have the guts or willpower to EVER try one of these diets/workouts. I much prefer just lifting my weights are around an hour, doing some light cardio and then going home. But, I can’t do this without some good music to play while I’m working out.

I am going to share with you all my favorite Kpop Workout Playlist. This contains songs that get me pumped up and make me feel super excited and ready to work out. Disclaimer: these songs might not work for you, but if you like songs that are loud and energetic to workout to then this is the playlist for you!💜

✨Let’s Start✨

Moster – Exo

credit – SMTOWN – Youtube

Monster is one of my TOP picks on this playlist. I love how energetic and hard the song sounds and honestly, it will really make you feel like a badass while your squatting I promise!😉

Hello Bitches – CL

credit – 2NE1 – YouTube

Any gym playlist needs an awesome girl rap song and CL’s Hello Bitches is the song for me. I don’t know what it is about this song, but every time it comes on I get so excited and feel so empowered.

Hard Carry – GOT7

credit – jypentertainment – YouTube

Now Hard Carry is still my all time favorite song by GOT7. I think it is so unique and gets me so excited. I love the beat, the raps, and even the story behind the meaning. Overall an awesome song and a must have on your Kpop workout playlist.

Skateboard – Pentagon

credit – PENTAGON – YouTube

Now, this is more of a chill and not as hard in energy song. But, I still believe it is perfect for the gym because it breaks up the playlist and adds in some more upbeat and happy songs instead of all upbeat and hard songs.



Okay okay everyone knows by now that TWICE is my all time favorite Kpop group, so of course, I had to add them into my Kpop workout playlist! Honestly sometimes at the gym, I will work out to my all TWICE playlist, but don’t tell anyone that!!😆 Either way, BDZ is definitely the best TWICE song to workout to, it’s upbeat, fast, and badass!

MIC Drop – BTS

credit – ibighit – YouTube

Everyone loves a little bit of rap in their workout playlist and who better to pick then the WORLD famous BTS. Personally, I don’t listen to BTS very much (I know please don’t get mad at me) but this song really gets me pumped up and help me finish out my workout every time!

So there you go that is just a couple of my favorite songs in my Kpop workout playlist! I will link my full playlist on the bottom of this post so you guys can listen to it the next time you go to the gym!

Leave a like and follow if you like this post and also comment down below some of your favorite Kpop gym songs, because I LOVE to get new workout music!! Love you guys!💜

Playlist Link:

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