Uncontrollably Fond. The Best Romance Drama❤️


“Shall I give up everything else and just do what I want before I die? I’ll hold her hand and kiss her. I’ll hug her tiny shoulders warmly. We’ll watch movies and go travelling. We’ll laugh and be happy. Shall I do it? It’s not like I need anyone’s permission.” — Shin Joon Young

Uncontrollably Fond is a 20 episode drama airing from July 6, 2016 to September 8, 2016. This drama aired on KBS2 and starred Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy. This drama was highly anticipated at the time of airing and became even more popular upon airing!

I personally love this drama and think it is one of the best romance dramas ever. This is a romance drama that really focuses on the romance and no fantasy or other unreal elements, which makes it great. At the same time though, this drama is also very heart wrenching and will make you cry every episode!💔


The Characters

Shin Joon Young

(Kim Woo Bin)

wonpilimiri 1


credit – wonpilimiri – tumblr

Shin Joon Young is the male lead is this drama. He is a famous actor who is adored and loved throughout all of Korean. He is funny, charming, but very egotistic. He has a horrible relationship with his mother, because of his career choice, and his father is no longing in his or his mothers life. This effects him greatly because he loves his mom and wants her to be happy for him. Even though Shin Joon Young is a famous actor he is very introverted and likes to be alone with his dog.

uncontrollably-fond 3

credit – uncontrollably-fond – tumblr

While Shin Joon Young appears to be happy and have an amazing life, he also has a deep dark secret. He finds out from his doctor that he has a terminal brain illness and will only have a year to live. This news makes him emotionally upset and angry, because he believes he is healthy and okay. Throughout the drama however we start to see Shin Joon Young’s condition worsening. This horrible news also makes him think about his lost love.

No Eul

(Bae Suzy)

uncontrollably-fond 5

credit – uncontrollably-fond – tumblr

No Eul is the female lead of this drama. She is a hard worker, and broken young woman that is just trying to support her brother in this tough world. Despite the tragic events that have happened in No Eul’s life she is still fighting and pushing forward, which is why I love her. She is currently a producer for documentaries in this drama, but is having a hard time finding jobs. She has to support her younger brother, but is quickly running out of money and is finding herself stuck.


goddess-suji 2

credit – goddess-suji – tumblr

No Eul has faced a lot of tragic event in her life. At a young age she lost her mother and was living with her father and younger brother. Her father worked so hard to support them, but tragic events caused her fathers death in a hit and run accident. This caused No Eul a lot of stress and to become emotionally unstable. She realized then that she had to be a hard worker, strong, and smart woman to support herself and her brother. However, in the inside No Eul is broken and is hanging my a tiny string to life.

Choi Ji Tae

(Lim Ju Hwan)


credit – dramatroll – tumblr

Choi Ji Tae is the second male lead in this drama. He is best friends with No Eul and is always supporting her, but also lying to her at the same time. He lives a sort of double life and hides his identity. Choi Ji Tae is actually the son of a wealthy politician, but never lets No Eul know this. He is however a sweet heart and is only looking out for No Eul.

Yoon Jung Eun

(Lim Ju Eun)

uncontrollably-fond 4

credit – uncontrollably-fond – tumblr

Yoon Jung Eun plays a weird part in this drama, but her part is also very very important. We see Yoon Jung Eun a lot throughout the drama, but in very simple and small increments. Truthfully I can’t tell if I love her or hate her, and trust me you will feel the exact same way. She is however very interested and involved with Choi Ji Tae.

The Story


 sseureki 1

credit – sseureki – tumblr

This drama starts off going back and forth from the past and present in the first couple of episodes. Shin Joon Young and No Eul first got to know each other in high school and had a strong love – hate relationship. However, something tragic happens and separates the two for a couple years. In college the two meet again and begin to grow trust for each other while still having a love – hate relationship. After the first couple episodes the drama strictly focuses on the present and shows us the relationship between the couple now.


uncontrollably-fond 1

credit – uncontrollably-fond – tumblr

In the present time, Shin Joon Young is a famous actor, while No Eul is a struggling producer trying to make enough money to support herself and her brother. However, the two a destine to meet again. The two have a very emotional and angry meeting, because of how much wasted time they had and the amount of emotions they feel for one another. Shin Joon Young then starts to fall for No Eul again.


credit – seolstar – tumblr

The two start to fall for each other, but encounter many different struggles along the way. Shin Joon Young’s illness, No Eul’s pride, and many other complications with other people. All of these things make it hard for the relationship between the two to grow like it should, not to mention Shin Joon Young is hiding a very big secret form No Eul.


lavenderbyun 1

credit – lavenderbyun – tumblr

While this drama is very emotional and has so many ups and downs that will break your heart, it also has amazing cute and funny moments between the couple. Shin Joon Young and No Eul are very cute together even though they have a hard time telling each other how they really feel. I love how this drama adds these cute moments in throughout.

lavenderbyun 2

credit – lavenderbyun – tumblr

Overall this drama is so heart breaking, exciting, loving, and sad all in one. I absolute think this is one of the best Korean romance dramas, because of the strong story and the reality of the story. Uncontrollably Fond has so many different conflicts and problems that make the drama very exciting and makes you root for the main couple more than ever. Not to mention this drama will make you feel all romantic and really wish you had someone like Shin Joon Young in your life. But hey don’t worry he’ll come I promise!❤


credit – mufalo – tumblr

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