Airplane Korean Skincare Routine✈


Everyone knows that traveling can be one of most tiring things in the world, especially for your skin!! Without you even realizing it your skin goes through so much when you fly, which means you have to take extra good care of it during this time. This can be very hard on an airplane, but I’m going to give you some of my favorite Korean skincare products that are perfect for your night on a flight!🌍


Skinfood Honey Flour Moist Cleansing Tissue


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Personally I like to have a skincare routine on the plane that I don’t need to stand up and use the bathroom for water, which is why I love these cleansing tissues! This are a great thing to pack on the plane and use for your nightly skin care routine. Easy to pull out, use, and throw away with no mess or hassle! Not to mention that the honey formula really hydrates your skins and leaves it feeling so clean! Perfect start to your airplane skincare routine!


Innisfree Jeju Bija Anti Trouble Skin


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Toner is a must have on the plane. Not only do I use this toner during my night skin care routine on a flight, I also mist this on my face whenever my face starts to feel dry and dehydrated during my flight! Everyone knows I absolutely love Innisfree and their Jeju Island products, and this toner is no exception! This cool feeling will leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated!


Etude House Zero Sebum Oil Cut Silky Essence


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Essence is not something I always bring on flights, I only bring this if I feel like I am going to have a super long flight, or a lot of lay overs. Either way this essence by Etude House is so small, simple, and easy to use that I always find myself carrying this along! I love how I can just pull it out, squeeze a little on my figure, and put it on without a mess! Not to mention how smooth and amazing this zero sebum product is!

Eye Cream

Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Eye Serum


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Eye cream is a must have on a long flight for me! You find yourself looking at your phone, going in and out of sleep, watching movies, and from all that your eyes become tired and worn out. Eye cream is amazing for making your eyes feeling lifted, awake, and less tired! I use this one from Innisfree because it is so small and easy to pull out of my skin care bag and easily put on my face without a mess or hassle!

Sleeping Mask

3CE White Milk Sleeping Mask


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Sleeping masks are great for long flights, because not only does it feel great and help your skin, but it also lets you have a fun activity to take up some time on your flight! I love this one by 3CE because it is portable, and easy to apply! I use this almost every flight and just squeeze a little out and take a long nap. I use this at the very end of my night flight skin care routine and then once I wake up I feel refreshed and amazing!








Flying can be very tiring and be a horrible situation for your skin, but with these products I believe you will be able to feel refreshed and beautiful by the time you arrive at your destination! All of these items are portable and easy to bring on a flight, they don’t require water, and they are no hassle and makes no mess! Make sure to click the “Click to Buy!” if you are interested in the products for your next journey!!🛫

大好き사랑해 love^^


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