BlackPink SQUARE UP Comeback!


Fans have been awaiting BlackPink’s comeback for literally months and months. This girl group had to wait SO long before they got to comeback again, but it is finally happening!

BlackPink’s new mini album is called square up and the title track is “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” The album comes in two versions, the pink version and the black version, but the contents of the album is the same on each version.











Leading up to the release of this album, BlackPink showed off a bunch of amazing teaser photos for each member! They really show off the cool, chic, and classic BlackPink vibe that all fans have been missing!











These girls never fail to slay their fans with both their looks and music every comeback! This is honestly such an amazing step for BlackPink and I know every fan is hoping this sets a runway for the rest of their comebacks!


Go listen to their new title song “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” now and don’t forget to purchase the rest of the album to support these talented and beautiful girls!!💗🖤

credit – YouTube – BLACKPINK

It’s a good day to be a BLINK!!💋


大好き사랑해 love^^


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