Top 5 Products from Innisfree Jeju Orchid Line


One of Innisfree’s most popular skincare line they have created is definitely the Jeju Orchid line. This beautiful skincare line created from the rich orchid found in Jeju island, Korea is not a line to miss!

Here are my top 5 Jeju Orchid products from Innisfree:

1. Jeju Orchid Fluid


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This fluid from Jeju Orchid is enriched with both hyaluronic acid  ß-glucan care that is amazing for both smoothing and balancing out the skin! The milky texture of the fluid allows the skin to suck but all the moisture quickly and feel rejuvenated! This is honestly one of my favorite skincare products to use whenever my skin feels dry or rough, I really recommend you check this awesome product out!💜

2. Jeju Orchid Skin



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I know the title Jeju Orchid Skin sounds confusing and weird, but basically this product is used as a moisturizer. They product is filled with amazing ingredients such as, arbutin, adenosine, orchid extract, green tea extract, camellia leaf extract and more!! All of these ingredients work wonderfully together to create a hydrated and smooth skin. This product is a very light and watery consistency, so it works well with both oily and dry skin as a great moisturizer!💜

3. Jeju Orchid Eye Cream


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This is one of the most popular products from the Jeju Orchid line! This eye cream has been raved about by many YouTubers and other K-beauty users! Jeju orchid eye cream is enriched with amazing ingredients that help to reducing wrinkles, increasing elasticity and improving the skin tone around the eye. I know this products is great for anyone who is experiencing under eye aging, because it visible makes a difference in the age appearance of your eye! 💜

Check out this video on reviewing this eye cream!

Credit – YouTube – Joan Kim

4. Jeju Orchid Essence


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I just recently started using essences in my skin care routine and I have been completely obessed with them ever sense! This is one of my favorites, because the Orchidelixir extracted from Jeju orchid gives my skin a very bright and alive affect, getting rid of all the dullness in my skin! I love the feeling of this product because it is so light and airy, but gets the job done like a heavy product!💜

5. Jeju Orchid Sleeping Mask


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This sleeping mask is amazing because it helps with so many problem areas at once, and while your sleeping!! This mask will take care of fine lines as well as wrinkle, elasticity, complexion, skin-nourishing, pores. I personally love sleeping masks, because you just put it on, sleep, and in the morning your skin looks and feels enriched and healthy! This sleeping mask also has the amazing Jeju orchid ingredient that helps to make skin improve overall!💜


大好き사랑해 love^^


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