Twice 8 Moments that made us fall in love


8 Times Twice Made Our Hearts Flutter

1 – Momo’s New Haircut

After the Heart Shaker Promotion ended, Momo got a stunning new haircut that made fans fall for her even harder. Her silk black hair with the sharp bob cut is breaking the heart of all fans!

credit – – Instagram

2 – Dahyun’s Adorable Sexy Dance

We all know that TWICE are very talented dancers, especially Dahyun! Once she tried to dance to the legendary Gashina by Sunmi everyone instantly fell in love with this girl!

credit – – Instagram

3 – Nayeon Meeting Her Idol IU

Meeting your favorite idol is every fans dream! Well Nayeon was lucky enough to achieve this dream when she met her sunbae IU. Watch this adorable video of Nayeon being so nervous saying hello to IU!

credit – Spinel Cam – YouTube

4 – Tzuyu Japanese Mistake

Tzuyu is clearly a master of learning languages! She is a Chinese idol who debuted in Korea, learned Korean and Japanese all in the matter of a couple years. However, Tzuyu accidentally forgot a little bit of her Japanese at a live show, watch her adorably try and find the right words!

credit – K-Pop Groups – YouTube

5 – Mina’s Performance at the Idol Olympics 

Mina is known as the goddess of TWICE, and this performance shows that! Watch her majestically move with the music and make all of our hearts flutter!

credit – TV-People – YouTube

6 – Chaeyoung’s Short Hairstyle

Short hair is sometimes very hard to pull off, but Chaeyoung wore it beautifully! Just look at how cute and little she looks with this short hairstyle! 


7 – Sana Showing Us How to Eat Like A Real Woman

Sana is the queen of cuteness! One of the cuteness things she does is eating, she can make anyone’s heart flutter with hr adorable eating habits!


credit – jeongyeon – Tumblr


One thing that TWICE does all the time that can make any fan fall in love is their almost kisses! TWICE members are obsessed with almost kissing each other and it is always so adorable!




大好き사랑해 love^^











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