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Style Nanda’s cosmetic brand, 3CE, has started becoming one of the most popular cosmetic brands before in Korea and abroad! This makeup brand is a fairly new brand as well as being accompanied by a clothing brand.

3CE actually stands for “3 Concept Eyes”. 3CE is a cosmetic brand that produces products for eyes, face, lips, and so much more! Once you try out one of their amazing products you will become obsessed, I promise!! I wanted to show a couple of their top products and explain why everybody in Korea is using them! If you feel interested in any of the products show here make sure you hit the “Click to Buy!” button and pick it up for yourself! Happy Shopping<3

Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette 

Mood Season2-Palette-02.jpg

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3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette is one of the best Korean eyeshadow palettes I have ever seen. Korean eyeshadows are not as advanced as American or European eyeshadows, but this palette is changing everything. The 3 different palettes all offer neutral but fresh colors that can be used for an everyday look or for a night look!

Check out what StyleKorean says about this product:

1. Seamless sebum control
Plant-derived silica efficiently absorbs oil on your eyelids, leaving a crease-, fallout-,and clump-free finish that adheres seamlessly into the skin.
2. Glittery color payoff
Synthetic pearl mica pigments create sharper color payoff with more intense shimmer.
3. A harmonious spectrum of colors.
Nine shades blend effortlessly with one another, adding extra dimension with each layer and completing a classy, luxurious eye look.
4. Pure, translucent color payoff.
Without any typical stuffiness that comes from powder, this eye shadow imparts translucent and buildable color,leaving your eyes looking fresh and clear.

credit – stylekorean.com


Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit


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When this lip color collection came out it became a hit instantly! People loved the smooth texture, matte look, and beautiful colors. This kit is a great deal because it is cheaper then buying each color alone. The kit comes with 5 colors that can be worn on a everyday look and a night look! These colors seriously compliment everyone’s skin tone and will make you look so pretty! The lip color has a smooth application with a primer matte texture which allows the color to last all day without becoming cracked or gross! Seriously if you want to try out lip color then this mini kit is the best option for you^^



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Blush is one of the most important parts of any makeup routine. Blush gives your face color, gives it life, and brightens your overall completion, so it is very important to own a super amazing and unique blush. Well that is exactly what 3CE offers! Their Duo Color Face Blush is such a unique combination of colors and pigments, but they all work beautifully together! This is one of their best products in my opinion. Their blush is a smooth creamy texture which gives you a long lasting glow all day long! If you get anything from 3CE then it should 100% be one of these blushes! They are amazing.




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3CE is not really known for their face products yet, but I believe that this product is going to change that! This foundation is amazing, it gives you such a nice natural glow while also hiding any imperfections and evening out skin tones. This foundation is infused with sebum controlling spherical powder and silicone coated powder, which help to make the foundation last all day without breaking down! The foundation also has mineral water and many vitamins that help to give moisture back to the skin and repair damages! If you need to change up for foundation then I would totally suggest checking this on out!!



Pink Rumour Mesh Pouch


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This makeup bag is so cute and adorable! If you are in need of a new makeup bag and what something cute and simple I would suggest this one! Also it comes with a full size and a mini bag!!


Hair Treatment13

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If you are looking to change up your hair color but don’t want to commit just yet, then this hair tint is PERFECT for you! You can try any of their 5 colors and tint your hair for 5 days to test out colors or just try something new!

White Milk Sleeping Mask


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If you are looking to try out 3CE skincare line then I suggest starting with this sleeping mask. It is so amazing and gives your skin so much moisture. You will wake up feeling refreshed and moisturize!

大好き사랑해 love^^

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