The Great Seducer First Impressions

“When you’re worried, scared, or have a wish, fold a paper plane and throw it into the sky. Then your worries or fear will disappear, and your wish will come true.”


The Great Seducer started airing on MBC March 12. This drama will air every Monday and Tuesday night and will total in 32 episodes, 2 episodes per day. The drama will end May 1st. This drama is starring Woo Do Hwan as Kwon Si Hyun, Joy as Eun Tae Hee, Mun Ka Young as Choi Soo Ji, and Kim Min Jae as Lee Se Joo.


credit – jkdramaniac – tumblr

So I am going to start of this First Impression by giving my overall feeling of the drama and then going into character details and specific things. I didn’t read much about this drama before watching it, all I knew was that it was starring Joy and one of my favorite actors Woo Do Hwan. I was pleasantly surprised after watching the firs episode, the drama gave off a great feeling. First off the friendship between Si Hyun, Se Joo, and Soo Ji was so funny and charming. They seem like the 3 amazing con artist, but are also rich and troubled. I know that this friendship will probably be broken apart, because that always happens, but for now I will love watching there magical chemistry!

bbcblackjack - tumblr

credit – bbcblackjack – tumblr

The overall feeling I got from this drama was a mysterious, rich, charming feeling. The whole drama revolves around rich and semi evil people. This makes the drama seem very dramatic and evil, because we all know rich people are the most evil in dramas (specifically rich parents). Either way I really liked the feeling this drama gave off. It is not your normal comedy, but also not a normal melodrama because it was that mysterious evil feeling.

If anyone has watched Japanese dramas then this is for you: This drama honestly reminds me of a exact mix of Boys Over Flowers and Liars Game, and trust me it is the best mix ever!

addictingkdrama - tumblr

credit – addictingkdrama – tumblr

Let me start of with Kwon Si Hyun. This character seems so complex and interesting I love it. He is a charming, sexy, mysterious, smart person, but he has a very dark and troubling aspect about him. I personally want to learn who he really is, because throughout the first 2 episodes he showed that he can fake so many things, so I want to see what his true personality is like. I think he will grow throughout this drama and drop the whole evil manipulating personality once he falls in love. His family situation is also something that I think will impact him a lot and he will eventually get back at his “dad”.


Alright I know this sounds crazy, but Eun Tae Hee really really really reminds me of No Eul from Uncontrollably Fond. I’m not sure why, but just her overall attitude and how she holds herself really reminds be of No Eul, which is not a bad thing. I think her character is very independent and strong, while she seems sweet and shy on the outside I can tell that she doesn’t let anyone control her or walk all over her. I can’t wait to see her fall in love, but I can tell it will take a long time. I also can’t wait for her to fight with Choi Soo Ji.

leekangdoo - tumblr

credit – leekangdoo – tumblr

Now this girl is my favorite person ever! I don’t know why I like her so much, but I just think her character is very interesting and can end in so many ways. I know on the outside she seems like an evil girl that is out to hurt people, but at the same time you can’t hate her. She has a soft inside and has been through so many hard things. She isn’t completely evil and she has something about her that makes you like her. I know she like Si Hyun, but I honestly believe by the end of the drama she is going to fall for Se Joo. Either that or she becomes the main villain, but I honestly don’t believe this will happen. Either way I love her and she is so sassy and cute and crazy and great!

krystal - tumblr

credit – krystal – tumblr

Se Joo is so cute. Se Joo is so funny. Se Joo is so hidden. I really liked his character, but I can tell that there is a huge dark part of him that he is to scared to let out. Either it is love or a broken side of him, but he is hiding something. Until he reveals this he will stay as the funny, charming, dumb friend that is there for the both of them. We didn’t get to see much of his home life, but from what we saw it was very bad and he acts like a very different person at home. Here’s hoping he opens up and eventually tells Choi Soo Ji he loves her!

seokjinings - tumblr

credit – seokjinings – tumblr

Now lets talk about these two. We haven’t had many interactions between them, but all of them have been very meaningful in my opinion. The first bus stop scene Eun Tae Hee sees Si Hyun in a very sad and vulnerable, and in the car accident scene Si Hyun sees Tae Hee in this same sad and vulnerable way. I think this is very meaningful because they have both seen each other in a depressed mindset before even knowing each other.


credit – liveasbutterflies – tumblr

Now that Si Hyun is trying to get to know Eun Tae Hee in a fake way everything has changed. Eun Tae Hee I think is not going to fall for him at all, but instead he will fall for her which in turn will make Soo Ji furious. The one person Si Hyun’s charm will not work on is her, and she will be the one person he really falls in love with. Either way I think the situation is very interesting and cute, I just hope nobody gets hurt, but I know that hope is impossible.

kdramafeels - tumblr

credit – kdramafeels – tumblr

I have a feeling this drama is going to be very dramatic and sad, but honestly I am excited for that because I am kind of tried of romantic comedies. The characters have so much depth and are so interesting, which will make the drama so much better. The plot will have many story lines that will all combine to create one amazing, dramatic, mysterious drama!


大好き사랑해 love^^





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