That Man Oh Soo First Impressions

“The emotion called “love” has a color. The ironic thing is that… a person like me, of all people… who doesn’t believe in love… has the power to see love.”


That Man Oh Soo started airing on OCN Romance on March 5. The drama will be a total of 16 episodes and will be airing on Monday and Tuesday. That Man Oh Soo is starring Lee Jong Hyun as Oh Soo and Kim So Eun as Seo Yoo Ri.


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heartou 2

credit – heartou – tumblr

The two main characters in this drama are very interesting so far. Oh Soo is a very serious business man, but he also has the power to see peoples emotions and use potions to manipulate these emotions. This is a power passed down through his family, but he is more interested in work than the family legacy. Seo Yoo Ri is a police officer who is very strong, independent, and funny. She leads a very hard and tiring life, but manages to stay bright and happy. I really like these two characters so far, and I think the chemistry between them is already amazing and will only get better.


credit – heartou – tumblr

There has already been so many cute and adorable moments between the characters so far that really show the amazing chemistry between them. Oh Soo seems like a very strict and serious person, but there have been a couple moments around Seo Yoo Ri that he has shown his dorky and awkward side. I think it is interesting how they made Seo Yoo Ri not be very fond of Oh Soo even before she knows him, which causes her to be awkward around him every time the see each other, which is A LOT!


Not to mention that the drama kicked off to a great start with a surprise drunk kiss in the first episode!!^o^


credit – kimp05 – tumblr

I think that the family legacy with the tree and the emotions power is going to give this drama a really needed twist. This is going to change the drama from a normal romance drama to a fresh fantasy romance drama. Oh Soo’s family is very invested in this family legacy and the fact that Oh Soo doesn’t care about it is going to cause a huge problem. I hate death in drama’s but I am really seeing a death in the Oh Soo family in the future, which will change everything. 


Either way I really enjoyed the first two episodes and I think this drama will be a great one! Both the characters are amazing and the story is going to be a new and fresh one! Make sure to watch along with me every Monday and Tuesday night!! Let me know what you thought of That Man Oh Soo!


大好き사랑해 love^^


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