Radio Romance First Impressions


Radio Romance is the newest drama this season that is airing on KBS2. This drama started on January 29th and will run until March 20th 2018, airing every Monday and Tuesday. Totaling in 16 hour long episodes. This drama is starring Yoon Doo Joon as Ji Soo Ho and Kim So Hyun as Song Geu Rim.


credit – heartou – tumblr

I know that a lot of people were looking forward to this drama because of Kim So Hyun, and she has not disappointed in the first two episodes! She is playing such a bright character that I think really supports her own personality, which makes the character seem very real. Throughout the first 2 episodes we got to see her struggles and the things she will do to achieve something. I really like her character and I am eager to see how she mixes with the Ji Soo Ho.


credit – preciousxmoments – tumblr

This drama really put out the vibe of both ordinary life and daily problems and the fact that the male lead is the one who as the intentions to form a relationship. Ji Soo Ho seems like a very deep and complex character from the first 2 episodes. I really can’t tell if I love his character yet or not, but I do know that he is a person that doesn’t follow anybody else’s orders. He is not afraid to stand up for what he wants which I think will come into play later in the show regards to his relationship with Song Geu Rim.


credit – bortecinetugce – tumblr

The whole reason Song Geu Rim has such a strong love for radio is because of her mother. Her mom either was born blind or had an accident that caused her to become blind. Either way we could see through the first two episodes that Song Geu Rim loves her mom so much and also that her mother is kind of a word of wisdom in the drama. Her mother had some great lines in the first two episodes that show how supportive of she is of her daughter.


Overall, I really enjoyed the first two episodes and am looking forward to watching the rest. Sometimes a nice dramatic romantic drama is something we all need sometimes so I am excited to watch this! I really loved the characters and I can see they all have a lot of depth to them. There are great villains that will come into play throughout the drama. As well as supportive friends and mentors that will help the characters grow. I did have a Uncontrollably Fond vibe from this drama, because of the big actor loving a crazy and strong woman who is in a smaller part of the entertainment industry. Hopefully this comparison doesn’t fog my view of the drama.


If you seem interested in this drama make sure to watch with me every Monday and Tuesday night! Also please let me know what you thought of the first two episodes! Did you like it? Will you continue to watch? Did it lead up to your expectations?

大好き사랑해 love^^



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