Twice Fashion


Twice is seen as one of the top girl groups right now in South Korea and Kpop. People love their music, their personalities, and also their fashion. I for one see Twice as my fashion inspiration, because honestly everything they wear is so cute! From mix matching colors to layering in a new and fresh way, Twice always comes out with the best outfits! Here are a couple photos as an example^^





Every outfit that is worn by any member of Twice I love, but it is so hard to try and find all the pieces of clothes because you have no idea where any of them are from. Well, I have a solution! One of my favorite Instagram accounts is jypetwiceclothess, this account is my whole life when it comes to outfits and fashion instantiation! I am going to post some pictures from jypetwiceclothess, of some of my favorite outfits and pieces of clothes that Twice has worn. Make sure to check out jypetwiceclothess on Instagram and follow them if you like this post!

Click here to check out jypetwiceclothess!

These are a couple of the dresses that Twice has worn in the past that I have completely fallen in love with! First off, I love Nayeon’s yellow and black checkered type of dresses! I think yellow and black is a very unique color combination that can make you pop! Also both of those dresses look amazing with or without long sleeve shirts under it! Momo and Sana also do a great job at making a loose flowing dress looks super flattering. I think all 4 of these dresses are a great causal and fancy outfit to wear!

Skirts are something I wished I wore more, but I never know how to wear them or what to pair them with. Well, if you have the same problem then Twice is here to help you because they have some of the cutest skirts and they know what to pair them with so well!! Heart Shaker was the best era for skirt outfits, all of the above pictures are from the Heart Shaker era and every single outfit looks amazing! Twice really likes to pair fun and colorful skirts with crop tops that really make a great outfit!



Now I know that there are some many cute tops out there in the world and sometimes it is hard to find a certain style of tops that you like the best. Twice wears a huge variety of tops and they are all different style which is what I love about them! Personally, I am really into tight long sleeve shirts as well as bright colored tops, so all the above pictures are some of my favorite tops Twice has worn. All of these tops can be paired with simple pants or fun skirts which is great!

These are a couple of full outfits from Twice that I absolutely love! First off, Momo is wearing a amazing jacket that combines both fur and denim, which is great and can make any outfit look amazing and more dressed up! Nayeon is wearing a very cute one piece with a vibrant shirt underneath, which is a great pairing. Having a cute one piece like this one is a must! The two outfits on the bottom photos are some of my favorites. They combine a wintering look but needs to worn in the warm. I love the pairing of the warm colors and the mittens and hats make the outfit look cute and cozy!


So there you go! These are amazing and cute outfits all worn by Twice and honestly this is just a small amount of outfits that Twice wears! Seriously make sure you check out jypetwiceclothess on Instagram to find more Twice fashion inspiration!

大好き사랑해 love^^


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