Longing Heart First Impressions


Longing Heart – also called My First Love – just started airing on January 8th. This is a new drama airing on OCN Romance network and will play from January 8th to January 30th 2018. This drama is 8 episodes long and airs every Monday and Tuesday night! Longing Heart is starring Lee Jung Shin(Kang Shin Woo), Seo Ji Hoon(Kang Shin Woo), and Lee Yeol Eum(Han Ji Soo).


When I first started watching this drama I thought it was going to be like every other time traveling drama, but I was pleasantly wrong! The basic plot line of this drama is that Kang Shin Woo(Lee Jung Shin) goes back to 2007 when he was a high school student, but instead of becoming himself as an 18 year old, he stays as a 28 year old. He basically is in 2007 and there are two Kang Shin Woo’s, the 18 year old, and the 28 year old that went back in time. Kang Shin Woo then sets a goal to help his 18 year old self and his first love, Han Ji Soo, get together.


Personally, I am really interested in this new and fresh plot line. While it is your normal high school romance story there is a very cool twist put on it which will be interesting to watch! After watching the first two episodes it is clear now that Han Ji Soo is falling for the old Kang Shin Woo instead of the young one, which is NOT good. It will be cool to see how the old Kang Shin Woo deals with this.


My only problem with this drama is that I don’t feel very connected to any of the characters yet. They were all introduced with a very small background story and not a lot of clear character traits. I hope that the characters start to grow and I can feel more connected to each one, because I believe that really makes or breaks a drama.


Other than that one draw back, I am very excited to continue watching this drama! I really think the concept and plot line is interesting. Dealing with your younger self is a thing nobody would want to do, but Kang Shin Woo is forced to if he wants to be with Han Ji Soo in the future. I also really like the symbol of fate in this drama and how much it is used. They showed a scene from Kang Shin Woo’s memory that was changed when he went back in time, but fate still was able to bring young Kang Shin Woo and Han Ji Soo together. But, I also think fate will become a problem, because if they were not together in 2017 then fate will make sure they will never be together.

If you think this drama looks as interesting as I do then make sure you watch with me every Monday and Tuesday night to see if Kang Shin Woo and Han Ji Soo end up together!!


大好き사랑해 love^^



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