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If you anything like me then you are completely obsessed with every single outfit Twice is wearing in this picture! I am in love with fashion and I have been really into Korean fashion, especially Twice and other Girl Groups fashion. I love everything about it, but sadly it is very hard to find some of this outfit pieces in the United States and other parts of the world that’s not South Korea. Because I have faced the struggle of finding Korean fashion, I am going to make this post to let you guys know of some great Korean Fashion Stores Online!<3



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CHUU is one of my all time favorite Korean clothing brands. They have a very wide variety of styles, from cute and comfy to very mature and classy. I think they also have very reasonable prices for the quality of clothes they offer.

Here is a look at the actually store in Korea!


One thing CHUU is known for is their -5kg Jeans Collection. This is a collection of more then just jeans, they offer skirts, dresses, and jeans. This is a whole collection to make you look more slim and help bottom pieces suit your natural figure much better!










Personally one of m favorite collections from CHUU is their Strawberry Milk collection. This is a collection of all types of clothes, from shirts, hoodies, skirts, and more! I think this collection is so cute and girly. CHUU does these collections very often, so there are a lot of different collection style clothes which is a very fun and cute way to make an outfit.














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StyleNanda is another very popular Korean fashion store both aboard and in Korea. I think they have a very mature fashion variety and less cute and girly like CHUU. If you are looking for something business but fashionable then I think StyleNanda is the place to go!

Here is a look at the actually store in Korea!


StyleNanda has a wide variety of clothes from normal everyday tops to cute sleepwear. They are not to overpriced, but the clothes are a little more expensive then CHUU and other sites. While it is a little more expensive I think that the clothes are the best quality out of all the online Korean stores. Here are a few outfits from StyleNanda!










StyleNanda has also made their own Makeup line as well that is amazing!! It is called 3CE and you can get it on the same website as the clothes! Reviews I have seen on this makeup is great, the price is amazing and the products are even better. One product I have seen a lot of great reviews on is the eye shadow products from 3CE!







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SPAO is a fashion website that really likes to work with idols. They have worked with EXO, AOA, and so many more! If you like idol fashion then I would really suggest looking at SPAO for some idol outfits of your own! My only warning is that a lot of the site is in Korean and the clothes probably will take a long time to ship, but if you can get past that then SPAO can be great for you! They also have some super cute nightwear!









Kinda of like CHUU, SPAO is also doing a milk theme collection. They have collaborated with Seoul Milk and created some super cute pieces! From hoodies, bags, and even shoes everything in this collection is so cute and adorable!













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Mixxmix is one of my new favorite Korean fashion websites! I have just recently started looking at what Mixxmix has to offer and I have fallen completely in love. Although they do not have a wide variety to select from the stuff that they do have is amazing and very cute! One of my favorite things that they have is their skirts. A-line skirts are very trendy right now and Mixxmix has some of the cutest A-line skirts I have seen in a long time!


Everyone knows that I love Twice. Because I love them I also really love their style, from the things they wear on stage to their daily outfits I think they all have a great style that I love! Mixxmix is very very popular with Twice. A lot of the things Twice wears is either directly from Mixxmix or has a very similar style as Mixxmix. So, if you like Twice fashion then I highly suggest you check out Mixxmix!


There are so many great Korean fashion stores, but these are just a couple of my favorites that I wanted to share with you guys! If you liked any of the stores in this post make sure to check out all of their websites and give the clothes a look for yourself^^ Have fun! 


大好き사랑해 love^^


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