Korean Sunscreen That Will Amaze You!


One of the most important things for your skin is sunscreen. I know that most people love to be tan and love the sun, but the sun can be a horrible thing for your skin. It causes skin spots, wrinkles, premature aging, and sometimes even skin cancer. All of these reason is way I love sunscreen and believe that it is a most for everyone.

Korea has some of the best sunscreen I have ever used (and I’ve tried thousands of sunscreens). Not only does the sunscreens in Korea have great ingredients to protect from the sun, but they also help clear and prep your skin for your makeup!

These are some of the Korean Sunscreens that I think are amazing!

[Dear, Klairs]Mid-Day Blue Sun Lotion


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Now this is my wholly grail of sunscreens! I use this sunscreen every single day and I have been using it for about a year now. It is my all time favorite sunscreen and I would recommend it to anybody! This sunscreen is by Klairs and it has 40% sun protection as well as PA++ which is a most in sunscreens. My favorite part about this sunscreen is the brightening and calming affect it has. Because the sunscreen itself is a blue watery substance it makes your skin very bright and calms down any redness you have. Here is a great list of information about this sunscreen:

– Protect your skin for UV

– Provide protection from the inside as well

– Hydrating, has a light and weightless finish

– Doesn’t feel oily

– It has a subtle glow that are going to transforms into a feathery finish

– Can calm a irritated skin because it consists Guaiazulene

[Innisfree] Perfect UV Protection Cream Long Lasting SPF50+ PA+++(Dry Skin)


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Innisfree is one of my favorite brands that I think excels every product they make. Their sunscreen is honestly one of their best products in my opinion. I have very dry skin in the winter and sometimes I break out because of dryness, but this sunscreen both moisturizes my skin and helps heal my breakouts. This sunscreen has a little more protection at 50% and also has PA+++ which is amazing. Here is a list of information about this sunscreen:

– Sunflower seed oil offers radiance and resilience to skin to create healthy skin.

-Protects skin against UV rays for hours that won’t be removed by sweat and sebum.

-Brightens skin tone to be used instead of primer. 5 Free Systems(artificial colors, animal materials, paraben, mineral oil, talc)

[Troiareuke] UV Protector Sun Essence 50ml


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Now everyone knows I am completely in love with anything made by Troiareuke because they are absolutely amazing. From their cushion to their cleanser and even their cool new sun essence I think Troiareuke makes great products for people with sensitive skin. This is kind of a different and new way of making sunscreen because it is a sun essence, which means it will be a lot thinner and more watery then a normal sunscreen. If you like to have less products on your face I really recommend this product. Here is a list of information about this sun essence:

– Absorbs into the skin in 30 seconds!

-0% White Cast

-Soft and smooth without hair sticking

-Skin calming effect as Recovery Cream

-Recovery Cream + Selemix Serum + Sunblock

-SPF50+, PA+++

[Moonshot] Multi Protection UV Bouncer SPF50+ PA+++


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Moonshot is another one of those companies that make great products no matter what it is. Their sun screen is again another one of the great products that they make. The great thing about this sun screen is that it also kind of works as a primer. The sunscreen itself is very soothing and cooling and will allow for a great base for your makeup. This sunscreen also has a 50% protection rate as well as PA+++ which we all know is great for your skin. Here is a short list about this sunscreen:

-Aqua UV cooling protector provides the skin with protection from UV rays

-The unique aqua base formula creates a moisturizing, cooling and refreshing effect

-Provides skin with moisturizing and soothing effect

-Aqua gel type texture creates refreshing non-sticky finish Instant cooling effect

-Can be used as a primer

[Thank you Farmer] Sun Project Water Sun Cream 50ml


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This is a new sunscreen that I have found that I have fallen in love with! I have never used or even heard of any products by Thank you Farmer, but if this sunscreen is any indication about their other products then I know they will be great. This sunscreen reminds me a lot of the Klairs one, because it has the same blue tint that makes your skin glow and look very bright and calm. This sunscreen also has a great skin protection barrier that helps heal your skin at the same time. Here is a list about this sunscreen:

-Strong UV Ray protection in daily life and even outdoor wear with SPF50% and PA+++

-Contains African Walnut Oil that helps protect the tired skin barrier from the sun

-Contains Phyto Oligo Oil and Bamboo water that help calm tired skin

-Has moisture benefits

-No white casting affect

[Huxley] Tone Up Cream ;Stay Sun Safe SPF50+ PA+++


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Huxley is another new company that I just started using products from. They have great products for people with sensitive skin which I love. The great thing about this sunscreen is that it is a natural nude color, meaning it will not give you a brightening effect but will give your skin a natural skin tone color ready for makeup application. I think is is the best sunscreen for someone who has sensitive skin, because it will not irritate your skin at all. Here is a list of information about this sunscreen:

-Hydration + UV protection + Brightening + Tone Correction

– SPF50+, PA+++ (UVA, UVB dual protection)

– Capsules within the cream burst to reveal a beige shade for a tone correction effect

– Provides a natural tone up for all skin types and even for men

– Smooth application and moisturizing finish


大好き사랑해 love^^




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