Peripera Amazing Lip Products



Peripera might be a K beauty brand you haven’t hear of yet, but let me tell you once you learn about this amazing brand you WILL be hooked!!

Peripera was established in 2006. Peripera appeals to girly girls with its makeup collection emphasizing bright lip, eye and nail colors that hint at romance. The eye-catching hues are complemented by equally color-saturated and youthful packaging. The brand targets young, independent women with a strong sense of self and who prize individuality.Its feminine design and romantic style captures women’s heart with beauty.

The thing Peripera is most known for, and actually got a spike of popularity because is their lip products. More specifically, their velvet lip products. People in Korea and abroad have been raving over these lip products, they are jut amazing! I want to explain them a little bit and share with you guys one of the best Korean lip products out there!

The Velvet collection can be split in 3 different sets:

Airy Ink Velvet

Peri’s Ink Velvet

Cloud Ink Velvet


Airy Ink Velvet – Click to Buy!

This are a few of the colors from the Airy Ink Velvet collection. This collection is really centered toward the light pinks and neutral tone colors. But they do have a range of darker colors as well. This collection leaves your lips looked slightly matte, but smooth at the same time.


Cloud Ink Velvet – Click to Buy!

The Could Ink Velvet collection has more of a variation of colors in the set. From a dark brownish red to a bright coral, this set has it all. I would say if you are a little bit more adventurous with your lip color then this collection would be the best for you. These are also like the Airy Ink Velvet, where they give your lips a smooth slight matte look, without looking cracked or uneven.


Peri’s Ink Velvet – Click to Buy!

The Peri Ink Velvet collection definitely has the most products in it. From coral reds to nudes this collection is filled with colors. This was the first line of Ink Velvet products by Peripera so they worked very hard on this formula. I think these are one of the best lip products out there. They leave your lips looking so smooth and natural and the product stays on for so long.

Here are a few swatches of the Peri’s Ink Velvet Collection:


If you are kind of unhappy with your lips and would like to create a natural, smooth looking lip look then Peripera is the brand for you! From a neutral brown to a bright coral these colors will make everyone’s lips pop! I have attached a video at the end of this post from Edward Avila trying out the products if you are interested! Also if you would like to buy these lip products make sure to click the “Click to Buy!”

credit – Edward Avila – YouTube


大好き사랑해 love^^


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