Black Knight First Impressions


Black Knight is the new drama the new fantasy drama this winter! And this is also the comeback of actor Kim Rae Won, which I am very very excited about! Black Knight started airing on KBS2 this week. It will air from December 6, 2017 to January 25, 2018, totaling in 16 episode 1 every Wednesday and Thursday. The drama is a fantasy-romance drama starring Kim Rae Won as Moon Soo Ho and Shin Se Kyung as Jung Hae Ra.

Here are my First Impressions:


In the first two episode the drama introduced a lot of different characters. Only one was given a very clear background and context and that is Jung Hae Ra, but I will get to that in a minute. As for the other characters not much was explained. I think this could either be a really good thing or bad thing. It allows the viewers to have curiosity, but it can also make them feel lost at times. I do like the amount of characters however, because it allows for many plot twist and connections. Moon Soo Ho is the male lead and I think his character is the perfect depiction of a “Knight” so far. I really liked how charming and caring his characters seems. It is also clear he has a soft side because of his dark past.


The female lead in this drama is Jung Hae Ra – played by Shin Se Kyung. I know many people were upset after hearing that she was playing the lead, because they did not think she was a good actor. Personally I was really excited about it and I am giving her a chance. Sometimes people get confused between the character and the actors acting ability, just because you don’t like the personality of the character does not mean the actor is bad. Anyway, I think Shin Se Kyung does a great job at showing true human emotion, and I can already tell there will be a lot of that in this drama so I am excited. Her character seems to have a lot of hardships and is kind of depressed, but this just leaves more room for the character to grow and love again.

heartou 3 - tumblr

credit – heartou – tumblr

The story of this drama seems very in depth and confusing. There are many parts to the plot line, flashbacks/past lives, fantasy, romance, mystical people, and money. Even though there are a lot of parts that might be confusing to the viewer I think all of it will be put together throughout the drama and will make sense. The Tailor shop is something I think is really cool, the fact that the clothes are some type of magic and the owner knows her from a past life is very interesting and allows a lot of room for plot twist and conflicts. I also like the fact that Jung Hae Ra and Moon Soo Ho knew each other when they were younger. Moon Soo Ho obviously remembers Jung Hae Ra and is interested in her, but Jung Hae Ra doesn’t remember Moon Soo Ho yet so it will be interesting to see when she will remember him. Overall there are a lot of parts moving in the plot line, but I am hoping the writers will clearly and smoothly mold everything together and create a nice flowing story.

heartou 1 - tumblr

credit – heartou – tumblr

Black Knight is a drama that people were really looking forward too, because of the classy plot, the scenery, and the comeback of Kim Rae Won. I really enjoyed the first two episodes and I hope that the rest of the episodes will be just as magical and beautiful. I have a very strong feeling that this drama will either be a huge hit or a huge miss, so I am hoping for a hit! Either way I will keep watching it and I hope you guys can watch it to every Wednesday and Thursday! If you guys watched the first two episode I would love to hear what you thought of it!


大好き사랑해 love^^





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