I’m Not a Robot First Impressions


I’m Not A Robot just finished airing its first 2 episode this week on MBC and I am really getting more and more excited about this drama every episode that goes by! I’m Not A Robot is MBC’s new romantic-comedy drama that will be airing from December 6, 2017 to January 25, 2018, totaling in at 32 episodes. I will be airing every Wednesday and Thursday and is starring Yoo Seung Ho as Kim Min Kyu and Chae Soo Bin as Jo Ji A. Personally, I wasn’t going to watch this drama at first but now I am obsessed and am so excited to see more!

Here are my First Impressions:

lifeinblack - tumblr

credit – lifeinblack – tumblr

The first thing that was introduced in this drama was the medical condition of the main character, Kim Min Kyu. He is highly allergic to human contact, which greatly effects everything in his life. I was very confused as to how they were going to show this allergy, but I was very happy when I saw how cool the effects were in this drama for the allergy. It made the whole things seem much more realistic and honestly it made me feel a little bit sorry for the seemingly rude, rich, and arrogant character. Either way I think giving this character a hard personality with a soft spot (the allergy) will allow for a lot of character growth throughout the drama.


I actually think that character growth is going to be a huge part of this drama for all of the characters. Take Jo Ji A for example, we have already seen her go through many challenges in the first 2 episodes, from family trouble, to debt, and even to relationships. This was a really great idea for the writers because it make Jo Ji A a lot more relatable and fun to watch. People will feel a connection to her. I personally thought she was so funny, but at the same time it is clear that she has many hardships in her life that will need to be fixed throughout the drama.

heartou - tumblr

credit – heartou – tumblr

I had not read anything about the plot of this drama before starting it, so I was not aware of any basic knowledge. Normally, I was very confused as to why the title stated, “I’m Not A Robot” when there was clearly a robot in the drama. After the first episode I understood the concept a little bit better, and I think its brilliant. The fact that Jo Ji A and Kim Min Kyu actually hate each other, but she has to pretend to be his robot without him knowing is so interesting and funny. I am just waiting for the episode where Kim Min Kyu finally understands that shes a human. There are also a lot of other connections going on in this drama. Between Jo Ji A’s brother and Kim Min Kyu company and the relationship Jo Ji A had with the scientist that is helping Kim Min Kyu. There are so many connections between the two main characters that they are not aware of yet, I really can’t wait to see how all these connections effect the story and characters!

dancerkai94 - tumblr

credit – dancerkai94 – tumblr

From the second Jo Ji A arrived at Kim Min Kyu’s house as the “robot” I was on the edge of my seat about them accidentally touching. I was for sure thinking that Kim Min Kyu would touch Jo Ji A and have a reaction and then realize she wasn’t a robot, but….it never happened. The second Jo Ji A grabbed Kim Min Kyu’s hand so many theories were going through my head. Why is it that he isn’t allergic to her? How can she touch him? What changed? I was so confused, but also so happy! If your interested here is my theory: In the first scene where Jo Ji A is grabbing Kim Min Kyu in the car his neck starts to have a reaction, but at this same time Jo Ji A ripped off his necklace that he always wore. Since this moment we have not seen Kim Min Kyu have an allergic reaction. When Jo Ji A grabbed his hand he was totally fine. I think that either Jo Ji A doesnt cause the reaction or the necklace may be the reason he is having the allergy in general. My very romantic cute reason however is that he doesn’t have the reaction when he is feeling love, which is what he felt after Jo Ji A saved his life.


I’m Not a Robot seems like it will be a very funny, light-hearted, and meaningful drama that will become very popular. Although it is competing with some other popular drama on the Wednesday Thursday time slot, I still think this drama will get very good ratings and be very popular. I enjoyed the first 2 episodes and I can’t wait to watch the rest of this new refreshing drama!


大好き 사랑해 love^^





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