Monday – Tuesday Night Drama Rating War

If you are keeping up with Korean drama’s this season, then you definitely know that there is currently an all out war going on for Monday and Tuesday nights! Not only are all of these drama’s new but they all from competing networks, which makes the ratings VERY important! So, what we have every Monday and Tuesday night now is an full on battle between the 4 biggest networks in the Korean entertainment industry. Personal, I find this battle pretty exiting!

If you are unaware of the drama’s currently airing on Monday and Tuesday nights they are as follows:

Temperature of love – SBS

Witch’s Court – KBS2

20th Century Boy and Girl – MBC

Because This is My First Life – TVN

Now that we all know the 4 drama’s and networks involved in this rating war, let’s look at the ratings for this week!


Temperature of Love, which is currently airing on SBS has pulled in a 6.8% on episode 17 from this week, while pushing up toward a 7.9% on episode 18. Now this drama has been doing amazing ratings wise, up until this week. This is partially because of all the new drama’s that start airing this week and last on Monday and Tuesday night. I am watching this drama, so I am definitely routing for Temperature of Love to reach that 8% this week!


20th Century Boy and Girl, which is currently airing on MBC has reached a rating of 3.2% on episode 5 and pushing up to a 3.5% on episode 6. Now this drama is still pretty new so it makes sense as to why the ratings are not very high, but I am sure the producers are getting very worried about these ratings while looking at their competition. From what I have heard this drama is very great, so I am positive we will see a spike in the ratings for this drama very soon!


Because This is My First Life, which is currently airing on TVN has pulled in a rating of 2.3% for episode 3 this week. Alright, so this one I really do not understand. I have seen some first impressions and post about this drama and people seem to really enjoy it. It is a cute concept and it is airing on TVN, which usually does pretty well with these types of drama’s. Hopefully this drama can pull up its ratings as the story develops.


Witch’s Court, which airs on KBS2 is are overall winner this week in the ratings war! This drama has pulled in a 9.1% rating for episode 3 this week. This is absolutely amazing for this drama, it is only on episode 3 and is already getting a above 8% rating! This is not the type of drama I would expect to do so well, so I am happy that genres other than romance are reaching high on the ratings chart. I think I might need watch this drama soon because I mean it has to be good!

Every single one of the drama’s airing on Monday and Tuesday nights are amazing in my eyes, so hopefully they will all reach the rating number that they want. I find it so fun though, watching the 4 big Korean networks fight it out for the number 1 spot! Which Monday, Tuesday night drama is your favorite?

大好き사랑해 love^^



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