Amazing and Fun Korean Sheet Mask’s!


One of the most fun Korean skincare products are Sheet Mask’s!! They are fun, refreshing, and most importantly affordable! From a great stocking stuffer to just a fun activity on a boring Friday night, sheet mask’s are amazing! I wanted to write a post about some of the best and most fun Korean Sheet Mask’s out there!

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[SNP] Animal Panda Whitening Mask


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Let’s start off with one of the more fun Sheet Mask’s! This is part of the Animal Sheet Mask collection by SNP! It is a cute panda face that will make you look adorable while helping your skin at the same time! This Sheet Mask contains 750mg of coconut water, a mixture of 50% natural coconut juice and 50% coconut water​, which is great replenishing the moisture in your skin while giving it a bright and youthful tone! Pick up this adorable Sheet Mask by clicking the “Click to Buy!” above and make sure you take a cute panda selfie^^

[Tonymoly] I’m REAL Rice Mask Sheet


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One of my personal favorite Korean Sheet Mask’s are the “I’m REAL” line by Tonymoly. The rice mask is just one of the many kinds of Sheet Mask’s in this collection! Me and my best friend, Scout, absolutely LOVE this Rice Sheet Mask. For someone that has semi problematic skin I would definitely suggest this Sheet Mask for when the occasional pimple pops up! Rice Sheet Mask’s are great for both clearing the skin of dirt and unclogging pores, but it also brightens your skin in the process! Make sure to click the “Click to Buy!” above to pick up this amazing Tonymoly Sheet Mask!

[A’PIEU] Milk One Pack


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Another fun, but effective Sheet Mask is the Milk Sheet Mask from A’PIEU. This is part of their Milk collection, where they offer many different types of Sheet Mask made from different Milk ingredients. Personally I like to just stick with the basics! Milk is one of my favorite ingredients for skincare, because not only does it highly moisturize the skin but it always does a great jobs all taking away dead skin cells and dirt on the face! If you have never tried any Milk skincare products I highly suggest this Sheet Mask as your first product! Trust me you will love it! Click the “Click to Buy!” above to pick it up^^

[Nature Republic] Real Nature Mask Sheet Tomato


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I was given this Sheet Mask as a gift from a friend, and just like you I was very scared to use it because of the whole Tomato thing. I really didn’t think tomato would be a good ingredient in skincare, let alone a Sheet Mask. But I was very wrong! This Sheet Mask is one of my ALL time favorites now!! It is so amazing! There is  a 3 layer Cellulose sheet which does wonders for keeping your skin hydrated for hours! The tomato actually really helps replenish the skin and make it feel very new and bouncy! Please you need to pick this one up, click the “Click to Buy!” above and you won’t regret it^^

[W.DRESSROOM] Gentle Girl Mask Pack


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Alright honestly I just really wanted to include this one because it looks so fun and cute! I think this would be such a fun thing to do with your friends on a girls night in, taking cute selfies with your mustaches is adorable. Not only is this a super cute and funny Sheet Mask it also does great things to your skin. Like giving you amazing amounts of moisture! If you have very dry skin I would highly recommend this cute Sheet Mask! Honestly click the “Click to Buy!” above and pick this Sheet Mask up just because it is so cute^^

[Skinfood] Hydro Fitting Snail Mask Sheet


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Another one of the many adorable Sheet Mask’s by Skinfood! This Sheet Mask is all about slowly bring out the moisture in your skin and overall hydrating your skin form the inside out! Because this is highly hydrating make sure to pat in all of the leftover ingredients into you face after you remove the Sheet Mask. One of the other advantages of this mask, other then it being super cute is that it has a great smell! It leaves your skin feeling both hydrated and smelling pretty! Make sure to click the “Click to Buy!” above to get this cute snail Sheet Mask^^

[A’PIEU] Real Big Yogurt Strawberry


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I wanted to end the post off with another fun and cute Sheet Mask! This one is also by A’PIEU (I really like this brand if you can’t tell^^) If you like anything Korean then I am sure you know about the adorable strawberry drinks they have, well now you can have one in Sheet Mask form! This Sheet Mask is filled with Strawberry Yogurt extract and Lactobacillus which help give the skin a firm look! These two ingredients are great because they work together to get rid of dead skin cells, while strengthening the healthy ones to leave you skin looking flawless! Click the “Click to Buy!” above to pick up your Strawberry yogurt today^^


大好き사랑해 love^^





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