Fall K-Drama Fashion

Fall is here!

Now that it is officially October I wanted to make a post talking about some of my favorite trends in Korean Drama fall fashion. Fall is definitely my favorite time for fashion, you can choice bright but warm colors, have a light coat and not freeze, or wear your favorite sweatshirt. Whatever you prefer I hope you can get some inspiration from the amazingly dressed women in this post!! Enjoy^^

Big Coat, Big Scarf


One of my favorite trends during the fall is the big coats. I just think they make anyone look adorable and so cozy. For me the queen of big coats was always Suzy, but after doing some research Lee Sung Kyung playing Kim Bok Joo might have become the new queen.


She does such a good job throughout this whole drama of showing that it is possible to look cute and comfy at the same time. From the fall colors she choices, like yellows, browns, and dark oranges, to the amazing amount of laying she does Kim Bok Joo is your girl for big coat fall fashion!


we can’t forget to add that fluffy scarf on top as well!!

The Tracksuit


Now I don’t know about you, but I feel like every single girl in a K-drama owns a tracksuit, and it is making me want one so bad!! I think that they look so comfortable, but for some weird reason they always look cute. I am all for the tracksuits! I think picking up a colorful tracksuit to add to your fall collection would be a great idea. Not only does it give you a whole outfit without even trying, but they can keep you warm but not to hot for the perfect fall weather. I think if you could pick up a brightly colored on it would blend really well with the fall leaves!


Make sure you zip it ALL the way up too, its cuter^^



It’s no surprise that I picked a picture of Do Bong Soon to showcase sweaters for fall fashion. She has some of the cutest outfits for fall! I think a big colorful sweater like the one in this picture could really pop during the fall months. Not only will it keep you warm, but the big size and the colors will make you look sweet and soft! Make sure to pick up a cute undershirt with a high color to pair with your sweater, because as you know fall fashion is all about layering.









Just a simple casual sweater like the ones pictured above can really spice up your outfit for the fall. You could choose a fall color pair with a neutral pant like the picture to the left or go tot Bok Joo way and pair a neutral colored sweater with some bright pants. Either way a nice thick sweater is essential for your fall outfits, and never forget that undershirt(it will make the outfit trust me^^)

Light Pink


One of my favorite colors in the fall is actually light baby pink! I know it sounds crazy, because when you think of fall the last thing you think of it light pink. But trust me it works and it works well. Picking up a over-sized light pink hoodie or shirt will bring a pop of sunlight to your outfit during the chili months. It works well because the light pink gives off a icy vibe, which makes you seem chilly and light.









Kim Bok Joo is again another perfect example as to how light pink can really make you stand out in fall. Not only does she pair the light pink with a blue undershirt, she also adds a neutral fall vest on top to give the outfit something more. I think light pink can make anyone shine during the chilly months, so if I was you I would go get a huge light pink hoodie right now!!

Cardigan Layering


Everyone loves cardigans during the fall. They are an essential item that can spice any dull outfit up. One of my favorite looks with a cardigan is the one pictured above. Pairing a turtle neck with a cardigan can give you the cozy but cute vibe everyone wants during the fall. I think a thicker cardigan can look good with this type of pairing, especially if you want to add that extra layer jean jacket under. The key to making your cardigans cute during the fall is layering. The more layers the better.


Hoodies under a long cardigan is really in right now as well. I love to layer with hoodies, it is not something many people think to do but it will make your outfit very special. If you can pick up a nice fall colored hoodie and pair it with a long neutral brown cardigan it can make your outfit look so fall ready! I am also a huge supporter of the cute unique cardigans like the one pictured above.


Now if your not feeling the whole layering thing just yet, either because its not cold enough or you just don’t want that many clothes on, then go the Do Bong Soon route. Pairing a huge over-sized bright winter sweater with a classic colored shirt will give you the fall comfort your looking for. Sometimes the simplest things can give you the fall fashion without even trying!

 Well that is all I have for fall Korean drama fashion. Hopefully you got a little inspired to try out these fall fashion tricks! Please let me know what you thought about these outfit and if you have any fall fashion tricks of your own please share^^


大好き사랑해 love^^


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