While You Were Sleeping – First Impressions


Can you hear me screaming from excitement through your screen!!! AHHH I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS DRAMA!!!

“While You Were Sleeping”(당신이 잠든 사이에) is the new drama airing on SBS, this drama will air from September 27, 2017 to November 16, 2017. It plays every Wednesday and Thursday and will be a total of 32 episodes. This is a drama about two contrasting characters, a girl who can see accidents in her dreams and a guy who tries to stop those accidents from coming true. While You Were Sleeping is starring the Bae Suzy as Nam Hong Joo and Lee Jong Suk as Jung Jae Chan.

 The Characters


Nam Hong Joo – Bae Suzy

Suzy plays a really complex character is this drama, as far as I can tell. Since it has only been 1 episode, we do not know that much about her yet. What we do know, however is that she has a ability to see accidents and deaths that will occur in the future through her dreams. I think that she will really struggle with this ability and see’s it as a curse more than a blessing. Even though she has this ability she thinks she cannot control the future, which really upsets her. We see this when she has a dream about her mothers death, she is so worried and upset because she knows she will not be able to save her mother because she cannot change the future. But she is wrong. Either way I think Nam Hong Joo is a really cute character that is both fun and serious and I am excited to see how this character develops.


Jung Jae Chan – Lee Jong Suk

You all know that I have a never ending love for Lee Jong Suk, so I was so excited last night to see his face again and just appreciate his amazing acting abilities again!! I am not quiet sure how I feel about the character Jung Jae Chan yet. He seems to be a very cute and goofy character that can also be very serious at times. Not to mention he might be a little self-center based on all the selfie scenes lol. Anyway he seems to have a lot of complex feelings and attitudes that we just got a glimpse of in the first episode. You could tell after he woke up from his dream that he felt something important and took it very seriously, which I think will make his character a lot more interesting and appealing.

The Story

leejaeshins - tumblr

credit – leejaeshins – tumblr

I didn’t really look to much into the actual story of this drama before it aired. I like to just know the actors and the air date of dramas now because I think it makes the first couple episodes a lot more entertaining(trust me try this on the next upcoming drama you want to watch, it will make it so much more fun^^) That being said I really had no idea that Hong Joo could see the future in her dreams until she woke up that first time. I think that made it pretty clear from the beginning that she had this ability, which I like. But let me tell you the part that really messed me up.

dancekai94 - tumblr

credit – dancerkai94 – tumblr

The scene right after the scene in the gif above was one of the coolest moments I have experience in Kdrama viewing lol. When Jae Chan wakes up from his dream I absolutely got chills all throughout my body. I was so surprised and just taken back by this plot twist. There was no indication throughout the whole time Jae Chan was dreaming that those events were actually a dream and I think that was so smart on the writers parts. I was so excited to find out that now only can Hong Joo see accidents in her dream, but Jae Chan has the ability to see those as well and actually prevent them from happening. This moment really made me feel like this drama will be something amazing and special.


Because so many things happened in this first episode I am really curious to find out how the rest of the story plays out. I thought that Hong Joo’s mom dying was going to be the start of all the conflict and really the start of the story, but now that never even happened so I am really eager to find out what will happen. I what to know how Hong Joo will take the news that Jae Chan has this same dream power as her, will she trust him or will she distance herself from him? I am glad that the time shifts from dream to reality and from past to present are not too confusing, but just confusing enough to make you feel the fantasy, which is a key component of any fantasy drama..duh.


kdramaxoxo - tumblr

credit – kdramaxoxo – tumblr

I am just so excited for this drama. I have seen many people say that after watching the first episode of this drama they had the same feeling and excitement that they experienced watching their first Korean drama. I definitely had this feeling too. I can not believe how amazing this first episode was, the plot twist, the acting, the emotions, everything was amazing. I already knew I would love this drama because Suzy and Lee Jong Suk are my favorite actors ever, but now I am even more hooked on the story line!! Please if you haven’t already go check is drama out, the second episode airs tonight so I hope you will all watch along with me!!<3

If you have any thoughts on the first episode of “While You Were Sleeping”(당신이 잠든 사이에) please leave me a comment!


大好き사랑해 love^^




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