GOT7 Upcoming Comeback


Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your ears because GOT7 IS HAVING A COMEBACK!!!!

A couple of days ago, GOT7 released the first teaser for their upcoming comeback on their V live and YouTube. After this was released everyone freaked out, and I mean how could you not. Not only did this teaser give iGOT7 a indication of when the comeback will be, BUT it also gave us a legendary line “7 for7”. As of now we are not sure what this means, but we can assume it will be the title track of the album!! And this is great news because I know all iGOT7 out there have been waiting patiently for GOT7 to comeback as 7 members again! Take a look at the teaser video if you haven’t seen it yet!! (P.S. the hand in the video is our amazing leader JB^^

credit: jypentertainment – YouTube

Now, if that teaser video wasn’t enough for you well just look at what JYP released last night!!

DKf2f5rVoAAVlCs (1)

credit: GOT7 – Twitter

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I am so overly excited for this comeback after seeing this photo! I have an idea that this will probably be a full album, because the last couple albums GOT7 has released have been mini albums. The other great news about this comeback is that since the “Flight Log: Trilogy” is officially over this comeback is going to be a fresh new concept! A lot of iGOT7 have been thinking that this comeback will have something to do with GOT7 coming together, and everyone’s home country. A couple of weeks ago people have seen GOT7 traveling to Hong Kong, Thailand, and America which might suggest that this will be a comeback about GOT7 coming together. This will be a great concept and I think it will really bring GOT7 even closer than they already are<3


I know that I am soooo excited about this upcoming comeback, but I want to know what everyone else thinks the concept of this comeback might be!? I know that GOT7 has never let me done before and they never will, so whatever this comeback is I know I will love and support my favorite crazy 7 boys!!<3


iGOT7 LOVES YOU GOT7!!! 10.10.17


大好き사랑해 love^^



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