The King Loves – Review

“Yes that’s right, that’s the story of how I came to love you more than I loved myself” – Wang Won


MBC’s summer drama has just wrapped up and everyone is so sad! Haha,not really, but I know I will definitely miss this drama and the characters! The King Loves aired on MBC from July 17, 2017 – September 19, 2017. This was a historical drama set in the Goryeo Era, it starred Siwan(Wang Won), Yoona(Eun San), and Hong Jong Hyun(Wang Rin). The story depicts the political and love struggle that Wang Won(Siwan) faces in his life. We see the struggles of Wang Won(Siwan) as a crown prince, while keeping company with his best friend Wang Rin(Hong Jong Hyun). All of this changes, however after they meet Eun San(Yoona) again.

The Characters

Wang Won – Siwan


Siwan played the character Wang Won in this drama. However, he was better known as the “Crown Prince”. Wang Won was seen as a half-blood prince by the citizens, because his mother was from Yuan. This causes a lot of struggles in the beginning for Wang Won, and eventually is the reason why he met Eun San again. I personally really like Wang Won. Since I am a huge fan of Hong Jong Hyun I was sure that I would love his character(Wang Rin) way more then Wang Won. But, I was mistaken! I loved Wang Won. He was a really thoughtfully person throughout the whole drama and really thought about his next move before he did it. I thought he was a great Crown Prince and really showed the struggle that he faced. Also he was such a sweetheart, every time he looked at Eun San my heart melted, you could really tell he truly loved her.

Wang Rin – Hong Jong Hyun


Even though I love Hong Jong Hyun soooo much I wasn’t completely obsessed with Wang Rin. I don’t know what it was about him, but something just felt off and I couldn’t get attached to him. I think that the viewers were supposed to feel that feeling with Wang Rin though, because you could tell that Eun San had the same weird feeling about him. She really liked him, but something was off. Either way, Wang Rin was such a good friend to Wang Won even to the very end, which makes me so happy. I was really worried that he would leave Wang Won’s side, but he stuck with him until the end. I am still very sad about his death however, if you guys remember I said in my First impressions of this drama that I wished Hong Jong Hyun’s character wouldn’t die, but that didn’t come true:(

Eun San – Yoona


I knew from the very first scene Eun San appeared in that I would like her. She was such a strong willed and smart woman. I loved her so much and thought that she was one of the best historical female characters out there. I loved how you could tell that she struggled with her feelings for both Wang Rin and Wang Won, but because of her image she was able to hide them but still letting the viewer see the feelings she had. I also liked how she said she wasn’t really strong and it was all just an act. Sometimes strong female characters can seem unrealistic, but because she confessed that she is actually scared and not as strong it made her character a lot more relatable.

The Story

One of the things that can sometimes make a historical drama hard to watch is the whole political side to the story. Since this was a huge part of history the writers have to always put in political conflict. But, sometimes it can be overwhelming and confusing. The King Loves however did not do this at all. The political conflict in this drama was the perfect amount that made the viewer invested but not confused. I was very happy about this.


The main villain in this storyline is Song In(Oh Min Suk). He is a psychopath. I thought that the use of a evil character that you feel no sympathy too made the conflict a lot easier to understand and get behind. I hated him so much and never understood why nobody killed him earlier. I was really upset by the way he treated Moo Suk(Park Young Woon). Song In had no respect for him even though he was with him the whole time. Even when Moo Suk fell in love, Song In made him kill his girlfriend. I hated this relationship.

(He was so cute:( why was Song In so mean to him)


tumblr - dancerkai94

credit: dancerkai94 – tumblr

The love triangle was definitely the central conflict of this drama. And this love triangle was one of the best I have seen. While one person is head of heels in love the other two have these weird hidden feelings for each other leaving the other person heart broken. You could really see the tension and love between Wang Won and Wang Rin and Eun San. Wang Won truly loved Eun San with all his heart, but there was something missing and it could never work out. At the same time Wang Rin was truly in love with Eun San but he was so confused because he knew his best friend, Wang Won also loved her. Eun San was completely stuck in the middle and I think that she loved both of them so much, but in a different mindset. She loved their relationship, the relationship that the three of them had. Honestly, I think Siwan did such a good job at portraying this obsessive love for Eun San without making it seem creepy. Great acting.

Ever scene with Eun San and Wang Won makes my heart flutter^^


I was really happy with the ending of this drama. I know a lot of people always want a happy and perfect ending, but I was really happy that this drama didn’t do this. The perfect ending was impossible in this story, there was no way that a perfect ending would have made sense. I wouldn’t say that the ending was sad(like Scarlet Heart: Goryeo) but it was definitely not happy. I would say that it was a realistic ending. It left you thinking and it left you feeling empty but full at the same time, which I think is what the writers wanted. I think the farewell between Wang Won, Eun San, and Wang Rin was one of the best endings. The picture at the end also was a message that left the viewer happy and sad, because it shows how much Wang Won cherished their relationship. So thank you writers for making the perfect ending!



Overall I really did enjoy this drama, I thought it was the perfect mix of old and new, love and politics, happiness and sadness, and so much more. I was hooked from the start and the magic didn’t leave through the whole drama, which is something that is hard to do now a days. I said in the first impressions that this drama was so beautiful from the very first episode and I stand by that. This was one drama that really showed you the beauty of Korea. The very first line of this drama is the exact same as the last line of this drama. Wang Won says, ““Yes that’s right, that’s the story of how I came to love you more than I loved myself”. In the beginning of this drama I thought that this sentence was directed at Eun San, but now after finishing the drama I have realized that this line if about both Eun San AND Wang Rin. This is about their friendship, their bond, their relationship. That was what Wang Won loved and he always will. The King Loves was a great drama and I will miss them SO much. For now, Goodbye Wang Won, Eun San, and Wang Rin!!<3

tumblr - liveasbutterflies

credit: liveasbutterflies – tumblr


大好き사랑해 love^^





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