5 Reasons why we all love Choi Young Jae

Since today(9/17/2017) is Young Jae’s birthday I wanna make a post about the reasons why everyone LOVES Choi Young Jae!!! For anyone who doesn’t know who Young Jae is, then here is a small little introduction for you^^ pl0bfMh

Choi Young Jae is one of the 7 members of GOT7. He was one of the last members to join GOT7 and only trained with JYP for 7 months before debuting!(That just shows how talented and amazing he is). He is the main vocalist of the group and has the voice of an angel!! He was born on September 17 1996 and is now 20 years old!!! So now for the 5 reasons why we love this man<3

1) He has the voice of an angel


If you have ever heard a GOT7 song and just happened to hear this angelic voice singing a super long high note in the background, well that was Young Jae. One of my favorite things about Young Jae is that in songs he likes to sing in the background a lot, and when you listen for his background notes you get to hear these amazing notes sung by Young Jae that could give anyone goosebumps! He is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard. Whenever I show my friend a new GOT7 song she always points out Young Jae’s parts and asks me, “Wow who is this singer right now its amazing!” I am always so proud to say it is our sunshine Young Jae<3

credit: Juljae – YouTube

2) He is a visual god

Most of the time when people ask who the visual of GOT7 is they say Mark, but there is a hidden gem in GOT7 and that is Young Jae. While he doesn’t see himself as being very attractive, he is greatly mistaken!! Young Jae is so beautiful and sharp. He has such a natural beauty that I think everyone can appreciate! So next time you think of the who the visual in GOT7 is, think of our sunshine Young Jae!


3) His golden laugh

Like I have said before, one of the best things in the world is hearing your favorite idol laugh hysterically. Well, Young Jae blesses us with this all the time!! He has such a great natural laugh that can light up a room. He never holds back and he never cares if he sounds like a crazy person when he laughs. I Personally love listening to him laugh, because it makes me feel like he is just another normal person like the rest of us that sometimes laughs a little bit louder then he should! Either way Young Jae’s laugh is one of the best sounds in the whole entire world!

credit: Kiwisae (키위새 )

4) His confusing Instagram

If you have been following Young Jae on Instagram for at least 2 days then you know all too well how confusing his Instagram is. I think that Young Jae as a true love-hate relationship with his Instagram account. Sometimes he will post 10 posts in a run and then 2 hours later they will all be deleted. Nobody really knows why he always deletes his post, but I think it gives his Instagram post a little more exciting. Since I know he will delete his post I try to read/watch/look at every thing he post in its entirety. Some of my favorite post from him are his singing videos, his pictures of Coco, and his hilarious text message posts!! If you aren’t already, you definitely need to follow our sunshine Young Jae on Instagram!! IG: 333cyj333

Here are some of my favorite post from Young Jae’s Instagram:



5) He is our sunshine!!

Most important reason why we love Choi Young Jae soooo much is because he is our SUNSHINE!!! Young Jae is the light of GOT7 and he never fails to make both GOT7 and iGOT7 so happy! He is always so happy and so excited for everything! He is the most talented and beautiful person ever and he deserves SO much! I hope you all appreciate Young Jae because he doesn’t get enough love! Also make sure you all wish our sunshine a very happy birthday<3<3<3




大好き사랑해 love^^


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