Reunited Worlds – First Impression

Reunited worlds is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited!!!!!!!!


Reunited Worlds(다시 만난 세계) is the new SBS drama airing every Wednesday and Thursday from July 19 to September 2017. Reunited Worlds is kinda of a mix of romance, fantasy, and mystery! I for one am SO excited about this drama, because I love this mix of genre’s!


Reunited Worlds is starring Yeo Jin Goo(Sung Hae Sung), Lee Yeon Hee(Jung Jung Won), Ahn Jae Hyeon(Cha Min Joon). These are just the 3 main characters, but there are plenty more characters that give this drama a special vibe! I absolutely love Yeo Jin Goo and from the first 2 episodes I can already tell that Hae Sung is going to be one of my all time favorite characters. I really loved how they showed what a fun, caring, and happy person Hae Sung is. Jung Jung Won was also introduced very well, you can tell from the past to the present that the death of Hae Sung really effected her. I think Jung Won is going to be a great character that really cares about Hae Sung and her future. I am not too sure how I feel about Cha Min Joon yet, he seems like he will be a great character but we haven’t really found out that much about him. All we know so far is that he is the head chef of a restaurant and he is already in love with Jung Won. I am very excited to see how the relationship between Hae Sung and Min Joon turns out!

heartou - tumblr

credit: heartou – tumblr

I really love the concept of this drama, because I have yet to watch a drama that has a similar plot. I think the drama has done a really good job at switching from past to present while giving us more information about Hae Sung and Jung Won at the same time. I even cried when they showed Hae Sung’s death and funeral even though I knew he had already come back to life. I am excited that there is more to the story then him just coming back to life. They have shown in the first 2 episodes that Hae Sung now has extreme strength and effects the lights when he experiences a lot of emotions. I am really excited to see where this idea goes and find out what these changes mean for him.

heartou -tumblr

credit: heartou – tumblr

I loved the relationship between Hae Sung and Jung Won and I am so excited to find out how this relationship continues now that Hae Sung is alive again. We have already seen Jung Won experience a lot of different emotions after she met Hae Sung again, but at the end of episode 2 we saw Hae Sung comfort Jung Won and let her know he didn’t die because of her. My biggest fear right now is that Hae Sung is going to disappear again or Jung Won will witness him almost dying again and feel like she is at fault. I hope this doesn’t happen, but it is a Kdrama so it probably will.

dramovie - tumblr

credit: dramovie – tumblr


Overall, I am very excited for this drama and think it will be very good. Everyone knows that my favorite drama ever is W and Reunited Worlds reminds me of W is some ways. I think this drama will be very sad and make everyone cry at times, but it will be worth it in the end when we get to see Hae Sung and Jung Won living happy together!! Make sure to watch this amazing drama with me every Wednesday and Thursday!!! Hae Sung please don’t die again!!!!



大好き사랑해 love^^


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