The King Loves – First Impressions

MBC new historical drama, “The King Loves” started airing a couple of days ago. The run-time of this drama is every Monday and Tuesday from July 17 to September 19, 2017. I was overly excited when I first caught news of this drama, because every since Scarlet Heart Ryeo I have been in love with Hong Jong Hyun. I am so excited to watch this drama and the first episode didn’t let me down at all!!


There are 3 main characters in this drama that we have been introduced to so far. Wang Won(Siwan) the crown price, Wang Rin(Hong Jong Hyun) Won best friend, and Eun San(Yoona) the coolest girl ever. I think that all 3 of these characters were introduced very nicely. We were really able to see the true friendship between Wang Won and Wang Rin from the flashbacks that we saw. Wang Rin introduced Wang Won to the true world outside the Palace and showed him that people are living differently out there. I think this true friendship will be a major factor in this drama, because it is pretty obvious that they will both fall in love with Eun San. I was blown away when they first introduced Eun San. I loved her from the second she showed up on screen. I think she will be a great female lead. Throughout the first episode we got to see how she is living in the present day and what influenced her to live this way from her past. I love a strong and cool female lead that is able to stand up for herself so I think Eun San will be amazing.

Also she is just so pretty. I mean come on!

kdrama-jazz - tumblr

credit: kdrama-jazz – tumblr

The one thing that really stood out to me in the first episode more then anything else, was how pretty everything was. I have never seen a historical drama that gave me the feeling I got from watching some of the scenes in the first episode. I really felt like I was running through the town with Wang Won and Wang Rin and crossing the crumbling bridge with everyone. I am someone that loves to get a magical feeling from the beauty and sound and characters of a drama and I was completely blown away. The scene when the falcons are being released and flying around really gave me a Harry Potter feel for some reason. I know that’s weird. But, I am sure you all know the magical feeling you get when the camera flies over Hogwarts, well that is kind of how I felt with this scene. I also really got a Titanic feel!! The scene when Wang Won and Wang Rin first enter the town and are running through really gave me the care free feeling of Jack Dawson running to the front of the ship in Titanic. Either way this drama is beautiful and made me feel a magic that I haven’t felt in awhile, so I am very much looking forward to seeing more of these scenes^^



This drama seems very promising and I think it will be one of those dramas that really pull at our heart throughout the whole show. I personally am very excited to watch this drama, because the plot from the first episode really gives me hope that this will be very exciting. Also I haven’t watched a drama with a true love triangle in a while, so I am excited to see that unravel as well. Overall, I am just very excited because I LOVED the first episode!! Make sure to watch “The King Loves” with me every Monday and Tuesday. and hopefully my boy Hong Jong Hyun lives this time^^



大好き사랑해 love^^



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