Fight For My Way – Review

Fight for my Way just ended and I couldn’t be more sad! I will legitimately miss this drama so much, and I will probably re-watch it 100 times! Fight for my Way aired from May 22, 2017 to June 11, 2017 on KBS2. Fight for my Way starred Park Seo-Joon and Kim Ji-Won! This was one of the most highest rating dramas during its time of airing, and was very very popular among both Korean and International fans.

The Characters


Ko Dong Man – Park Seo Joon

Personally, I loved Ko Dong Man. He was such a fun but also serious character. We got to witness Ko Dong Man struggle through many stages of life with the same problem. In the earlier episodes we saw Ko Dong Man as a bug exterminator, but it was very clear to everyone that this was NOT his dream job and he would much rather be fighting in the ring. I think Park Seo Joon played this character perfectly. He really showed how important this dream was to Ko Dong Man and the pain he felt from not achieving this dream for 10 years. Not to mention, Ko Dong Man was the perfect boyfriend ever!!! He was so sweet to Ae Ra and I think their relationship is one of my favorite of all time!


Choi Ae Ra – Kim Ji Won

Now, you probably already know just how much I love Ae Ra!!! She is by far my favorite female lead in a really really long time. I mean I made a whole post about how amazing she is^^ Anyway, Ae Ra is amazing in every way. I really grew close to her because she has a dream that she can never give up. I really loved seeing her fight for this dream no matter what, even if she was set back she always continued to chase her dream. The fact that at the end she became the first every female MMA announcer really shows how much she cares about her dream! She never backed down to anybody and always stood up to for herself and her 3 best friends. We got to see her struggle through complications, but along with Ko Dong Man she also came out on top!


Kim Joo Man – Ahn Jae Hong

Aw the teddy bear of the fantastic four!!! I though Joo Man was such a cute and sweet character. In the early episodes Joo Man and Seol Hee were a couple, but gradually we saw their relationship start to fall apart(because of Ye Jin). Joo Man had a lot of hardships with Ye Jin since she reminded him of Seol Hee when they first started dating. I think Joo Man was really misunderstood with this whole situation. I totally agree that he was acting wrong but, Joo Man actually tried really really hard to get Ye Jin to stop talking to him. He never responded to her texts, and only saw her in extreme situations. Sadly, we saw Joo Man get dumped and saw how much he truly loved Seol Hee. I think Joo Man was a great character and honestly he just seems like a awesome friend right!?


Baek Seol Hee – Song Ha Yoon

Wow Seol Hee. She was a fighter. I think everyone was in love with Seol Hee! She was so cute and nice and just seemed like the perfect person. Seol Hee actually had a lot of internal struggles that we saw throughout the drama. She was madly in love with Joo Man, but she could tell something was not right. I think the best Seol Hee scene was when Ae Ra was asking her if she had a dream and Seol Hee finally came out and said that she dreams to get married and become a mom. I thought this character was such a great fit. You don’t usually see a female character that is really nice and shy and doesn’t have a stubborn mind so it was kind of refreshing seeing this type of character. We love you Seol Hee!!!

The Concept

thebanqtanboys - tumblr

credit: thebanqtanboys – tumblr

This whole drama is about well, actually fighting for your way!! I loved the concept of this drama for so many reasons. I think the biggest reason this was so popular is because it is real. There is no fantasy or extreme romances in this. It is just 4 young adults living their life. Now a days there are so many outrageous dramas that no one can relate to, and while those are GREAT they just don’t have the relatable charm that Fight for my Way did. The second reason I think it is so popular is because they all have a dream the want to achieve and they don’t give up on those dreams no matter how many hardships they go through. I this made people really love this drama because everyone has a dream and they are very hard to achieve!

Overall, I think this was a great refreshing drama concept that many people needed and loved. I for one absolutely loved the concept and every episode I felt more attached and close to the characters because they were going through such things that I am or have experienced!

lavenderbyun - tumblr

credit: lavenderbyun – tumblr

The Relationships^^

starfishlove - tumblr

credit: starfishlove – tumblr

I think we can all agree that the relationships in this drama were amazing! Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra were perfect for each other from the day the met and Seol Hee and Joo Man had their troubles but that only made them stronger. In the earlier episodes we saw Choi Ae Ra with another guy, Moo Bin, from this “relationship” she learned just how important and amazing Dong Man is. I think the writers did a really good job at gradually building up to Ko Dong Man and Ae Ra relationship. They also made the dating time seem amazing as well. Some dramas have a hard time at figuring out what to do once the characters start dating, but Fight for my Way made the whole relationship seem like a dream.

captainjoongki - tumblr

credit: captainjoongki – tumblr

Not only did we have the cutest romance ever we also got the sweetest romance ever!!

maxresdefault (3)

Joo Man and Seol Hee were everyone’s favorite relationship from episode 1!!! I remember seeing everyone talk about how invested they were with this relationship and I can totally agree. They were normal and happy, but had their problems. I think this was a really smart choice by the writers because they really shows how even if a relationship isn’t perfect they can still last as long as their love is true. Ye Jin was the whole reason they had problems, but I think Joo Man and Seol Hee handled the situation like anyone else would. I was more then happy in the last episode when they were embarrassed to be back together in front of Ae Ra and Dong Man. Not to mention how we got to see how much Joo Man loved Seol Hee while they were broken up. He burnt his back for her I mean come on<3


fightformyway - tumblr

credit: fightformyway – tumblr

Overall, I am really really really sad that this drama is over. I truly think this might be my favorite drama(sorry W). I just loved every minute of it and I think the message of the whole drama is really important. The fantastic four were the best cast ever and I will miss seeing them so much. I hope this drama wins as many awards as it deserves!! I want to know what everyone thought of this drama, so if you watched it please let me know what you thought!! Goodbye Fight for my Way, you will definitely leave a lasting impact on me!<3

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credit: notenoughdrama – tumblr


大好き 사랑해 love^^



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