Bride of the Water God – First Impressions


Bride of the Water God is tvN’s new drama airing on Mondays and Tuesday! It is starring the wonderful Nam Joo Hyuk as Ha Baek and Shin Se Kyung as Yoon So Ah! Bride of the Water God started airing on July 3rd and I want to share my first impressions of the first episode^^


So far in the first episode we have only been introduced to 3 of the 5 main characters. Habaek, Yoon So Ah, and Hoo Ye. So far I really like all 3 of thee characters a lot. I think they introduced both Habaek and Yoon So Ah in a great way. I was kind of scared when I saw Habaek in his world and he acted very arrogant, but I think through out the first episode they have already started to show the soft side of his character. I loved Yoon So Ah, she seems so amazing and relatable! I like her, want to leave my hometown and go somewhere new, so I am excited to see how she grows and if that dream will stay. Hoo Ye is introduced as a CEO of a company, but right away we can understand that he has some type of interest in Yoon So Ah.

dansphil - tumblr

credit: dansphil – tumblr

I was really happy to see that there was some comedy in the first episode. Sometimes with fantasy dramas it can be so intense that they forget to lighten the mood, but Bride of the Water God did not forget! They added in a lot of funny bits in the first episode including, Habaek wearing Yoon So Ah’s coat, Yoon So Ah thinking Habaek is a crazy man, and the wild boar chasing them to death! I love fantasy dramas, but I love the humor that makes this drama feel more real.

denose - tumblr

credit: denose – tumblr

I can not wait to see how the relationship between Yoon So Ah and Habaek blossoms! I don’t really understand yet what Habaek means when he says that Yoon So Ah needs to wake up, but I think that mystery will make the drama even better. Also a kiss in the first episode ALWAYS makes things very exciting!!


I am very excited for this drama! I love the summer drama season, maybe because that is when I started watching Korean dramas, but for some reason I just think that summer dramas are so amazing! I was looking on tumblr at what people were saying about Bride of the Water God and some people were saying they were getting W vibes from this drama. I totally agree with this, which makes me soooo excited because as you know W is my all time FAVORITE drama! I think this drama has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see how this turns out! Everyone make sure to watch Bride of the Water God with me every Monday and Tuesday^^


大好き사랑해 love^^


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