5 favorite summer songs right now!

Summer Songs

I am sure that everyone is happy that it is finally summer! Well, one of the best parts of summer is listening to music that makes you happy and gives you all the vibes of summer! I love listening to new, upbeat, and happy songs in the summer so I want to share my top 5 right now!

1) Blackpink – As if it’s your last

This song just came out, because blackpink just had their comeback and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I love blackpink and think they have a really unique way of making any style sound their own, which is what they did with this song. Unlike all of their other songs this one is more smooth and cute sounding, but still has that blackpink style we all love. I think this a great summer song, because of how upbeat and happy it is. I love songs that make you feel happy just listening to them and blackpink did not fail at this!

credit: BLACKPINK -YouTube

2) Arieband – Dumbhead

If you have seen my last post then you already know that I am in love with the drama, “Fight for my way” right now. One thing about me is that one of the most important parts of a drama to me is the music, and “Fight for my way” has great music! My personally favorite is the song “Dumbhead” by Arieband. This is one of those songs that play at a funny moment or uplifting moment in a drama, but alone it becomes something different. This song is so fun and makes you want to get up and dance. The lyrics, background music, and vibe are amazing and make you feel very happy and uplifted!

credit: RIAK Official – YouTube

3) I.O.I – Pick Me

This song is amazing. There is nothing that compares to it when speaking about uplifting songs. This is THE uplifting song! I know I.O.I has disbanded, but we can still appreciate this masterpiece of a song they left for us! If you have never listening to Pick Me then please go listen to it now and I promise you will start jumping to the beat within 10 seconds. I love listening to this song with friends and not caring how we sound or how crazy we look, because it is just to uplifting to care!

credit: Mnet K-POP -YouTube

4) DAY6 – Dance Dance

Recently, my best friend has been really into DAY6, like she loves them! The perk is whenever we are driving somewhere she always plays me her new favorite DAY6 song! She never lets me down with her song suggestions so I pretty much love every DAY6 song now as well! One of my favorites however is “Dance Dance”, it is AMAZING! This song makes me want to be out in a park and singing with my friends or driving with the windows down. This song is a must listen to in the summer if you want to feel happy and uplifted! SO GOOD^^

credit: jypentertainment – YouTube

5) Twice – Cheer Up

Everyone has heard this song, I mean everyone honestly! This song is iconic, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still put me in the summer mood even a year later. I think this song has such a happy vibe to it that even if you don’t like twice you can’t help but love this song! Seriously its so cute and happy! I always dance to this song and in the summer it makes me 10 times happier! Not to mention it always reminds me of the last episode of “Doctors” when Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung were dancing to it. “Doctors” was my first ever Korean Drama so this song holds a special place in my heart!

credit: jypentertainment -YouTube


大好き 사랑해 love^^



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