Choi Ae Ra – Fight for my way

I am sure that everyone has been watching KBS’s new hit drama, “Fight for my way”!! I am also sure that everyone is as completely obsessed with it just like I am!! Well, this drama is probably one of the most popular at the moment, because of the relatable characters and not over the top story line. The main four characters of this drama are, Ko Dong Man(Park Seo Joon), Choi Ae Ra(Kim Ji Won), Kim Joo Man(Ahn Jae Hong), Baek Seol Hee(Song Ha Yoon).

Personally, my favorite character from this drama is the one and only Choi Ae Ra!!! I love her so much and think she might just be my all time favorite female lead in any drama. During this post I am going to explain why I love Choi Ae Ra so much and why I believe she is such a great role model.



She is a complete bad-ass!

Honestly, I love when the female lead in a drama is strong and takes care of things on her own. Choi Ae Ra doesn’t fall short in this area at all!! Even in the first episode we saw how bad-ass she is when she smashed the four guys cars.

leejieunn - tumblr 3

credit: leejieuun – tumblr

Choi Ae Ra is a girl that never lets people talk rude to her, or do her wrong, which I think is great! A lot of female leads will let the guy deal with everything, but Ae Ra makes sure everyone knows she can deal with whatever is thrown at her. Personally, I think this characteristic is really admirable, because I believe you should always stand up for yourself even if it gets you in trouble!!

She never gives up!

One reason everyone loves “Fight for my way” so much is the idea of chasing after your dream. Everyone has a dream in life, and I am sure everyone knows how difficult it can be to achieve that dream. Well, Choi Ae Ra knows this far too well, but she never gives in and keeps pushing. The fact that she is so strong headed is something I admire about her.


She works at a normal job at the beginning of the show, and while she knows she has to make money she never stops trying to achieve her dream job, becoming an announcer. I myself have a dream that I desperately want to achieve, and one of the hardest things to do is to keep trying even when something doesn’t work out.

wooyoungbby - tumblr

credit: wooyoungbby – tumblr

I think this a one of the main reasons why I relate and love Choi Ae Ra so much. She says in one of the earlier episodes, “Nothing I do ever works out”, and when I heard this I honestly started crying. I know that feeling all too well, and it really does feel like every single thing you try will fail, because that is how your world works. Seeing Choi Ae Ra push through this and continue to try to get her dream job, even if she thinks it wont work has made me realize that I have to do the same. She is strong and I believe that if she keeps trying for her dream she will get it. Seeing her has made me want to keep trying even if it doesn’t work for the time being, but eventually it will!

She isn’t afraid to show her feelings


Even though Choi Ae Ra is very strong and doesn’t take anything from anyone, she still is very emotional. She isn’t afraid to cry when she is sad, or yell when she is mad, or laugh when she is happy. This is something I admire about Choi Ae Ra, because a lot of times I feel that people really hold in all of their emotions, myself included. Holding in is something we all REALLY shouldn’t do, because emotions are normal and we should express them just like Choi Ae Ra.

forursmiles - tumblr

credit: forursmiles – tumblr

Choi Ae Ra always shows all of her true feelings and she shows them BIG! This is something I want to do more because it is healthy and normal! I love that she isn’t afraid to show how she feels, even when she is feeling her best friend of 20 that she thinks she likes him. We should all express our feelings as much as Choi Ae Ra^^

She has a killer stare


Choi Ae Ra can make anyone feel so stupid just by one glare of the eyes. I love this about her, she has magical stare that she can use in so many different ways. I always think about that quote from Memoirs of a Geisha, “You cannot call yourself a true Geisha, until you can stop a man in his tracks with just a single look”. Choi Ae Ra has officially achieved this!


  She Supports her best friend no matter what

Choi Ae Ra and Ko Dong Man are definitely friendship goals and more recently relationship goals as well. One thing that we see Choi Ae Ra doing throughout the whole show is always encouraging and being there for Ko Dong Man even when she doesn’t want to. No matter what, Choi Ae Ra always shows up to support him and make sure he is okay. I think this is amazing and I always think about this when my friends do something. To be truly there for your friend you have to support them even when their decision is stupid! And maybe smack them  on the head a little bit…

dramovie - tumblr

credit: dramovie – tumblr

She is amazing

Overall, I just absolutely love this character so much and I am so inspired by her. I haven’t felt like this about a female lead in a really long time, and I really look forward to Monday’s and Tuesday’s just so I can learn more from her. Choi Ae Ra is strong, smart, and never gives up. I truly hope that I get to see her achieve her dream and for things to work out for her, because that is the hope that I need to know that if I keep trying I can achieve my dream as well. Choi Ae Ra fighting!!^^


Also everybody have fun watching Fight for my way tonight! Let’s watch together^^

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大好き사랑해 love^^



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