Chicago Typewriter Review


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TVN’s latest fantasy romance drama just recently ended last week. Chicago Typewriter(시카고 타자기) aired on Friday’s and Saturday’s from April 7th to June 3rd. Chicago Typewriter starred Yoo Ah-In as Han Se Ju, Lim Soo-Jung as Jeon Seol, and Ko Gyung-Pyo as Yoo Jin-O. Overall this drama was both refreshing and dramatic from the beginning to the end.



The Characters

Han Se Ju – Yoo Ah-In


Personally, I loved the character Han Se Ju, he was kind but harsh, cute but scary, and so smart. At first I was a little scared that he would be the mean and self centered guy that we saw in the first episode the whole time, but I was gladly mistaken. Han Se Ju was such a in depth character and the more we found out about his past the  more his attitude and actions made sense. Overall, Yoo Ah-In played this character amazingly(like he does with every character) and he made an fantastic main lead.


Past Life: Seo Hwi-Young


One of the hardest parts of this drama was the fact that the show switched between the present and the past. Yoo Ah-In played his past life part of Seo Hwi-Young so so so beautifully. I was almost in love with Seo Hwi-Young more than Han Se Ju by the end of the drama. Seo Hwi-Young was such a courageous and influential character, as well as leading the Joseon Youth Alliance.


Jeon Seol – Lim Soo-Jung


Jeon Seol was the female character I love. She was so strong and had a mind for herself. I really loved her from the very beginning because of her love for her favorite writer, Han Se Ju, I’m sure every fangirl can see where she is coming from. Throughout the drama we get to see Jeon Seol see more of her past life and have to make sacrifices for Han Se Ju and others. Overall Lim Soo Jung is a amazing actress and she didn’t let anyone done with this role.


Past Life: Ryu Soo-Hyun


If you thought Jeon Seol was a strong female character then you will believe Ryo Soo-Hyun is like superwoman. We see that Ryu Soo-Hyun was rescued by Seo Hwi-Young and has to pretend to be a boy for most of her life. She becomes a crucial part of the Joseon Youth Alliance as the main sniper. We also get to see her beautiful relationship with the 2 other main leads.


Yoo Jin Oh – Ko Gyung Pyo


Yoo Jin Oh was a weird character, because he is actually a ghost that has been trapped inside the typewriter for 80 years. At first Han Se Ju thinks Yoo Jin Oh is a ghost writer that his manager hired, but it doesn’t take long for Han Se Ju to realize Yoo Jin Oh is actually a ghost. Yoo Jin Oh is a very complex and lighthearted character. I loved this character and I was so happy that he was able to see his friends again.


Past Life: Shin Yool


Technically, Yoo Jin Oh is still the same person as he was in his past life, but since he changed his name and acts differently in present day I am going to say they are 2 different characters. Shin Yool was a great character, you could really see just how much he loved his friends as well as the Joseon Youth Alliance. He was a smooth and caring character that made you want to root for him even more.


The Plot

Overall, I would say that this drama worked really smoothly from the start to the finish. There are many times that a drama can kinda of lose the main conflict and trail off into weird places, but Chicago Typewriter stayed on track while keeping me engaged the whole time. The whole production team of this drama did a great job of jumping from the present to the past. They were able to smoothly make you travel to a different era without leaving the characters or any of the plot behind. One of the hardest things to do when dealing with traveling to the past is keeping the plot the same, but Chicago Typewriter was able to do this with ease. The touch of comedy and romance in the drama also gave the viewer sometime to relax from the insanely intense mystery. Truthfully, Chicago Typewriter had an amazing plot line that kept me so engaged from the very first scene in the Chicago cafe.



I don’t know about anyone else, but one of my favorite things about watching Korean Dramas is the music that comes with it. I have so much drama music in my phone it is actually insane. Anyway, Chicago typewriter didn’t fail one bit in this aspect. From the very first episode when Han Se Ju first encounters the typewriter they played an amazing musical piece and from there I was hooked. I will share some of my favorite tracks from the OST.


SALTNPAPER 솔튼페이퍼 – Satellite

This song was the first part of the OST to release and I have probably listened to it 100 times at this point. It has such a 1920’s feel and makes you feel like you are living in a fantasy mystery.


케빈오 – Be My Light

This song was a total surprise to me and when I heard it I could not stop listening. I listened to this so much while walking around campus because it has such a uplifting and loving tone.


Boni Pueri – Come With Me

I waited for this song to be released from the very first episode!! I had to wait SO long, but it was so worth it because this is now my favorite song. It gives me goosebumps every time, because of how magical and beautiful it sounds. Please listen to it if you get a chance.


I was very excited about this drama from the day they announced it, and thankfully it did not fail to met my expectations. I don’t know about you but one of my favorite genres of kdrama’s is fantasy so this drama was everything I wanted. I give it a 10/10!!

No, but really this drama was amazing and if you haven’t watched it yet then I highly suggest you do because it is both beautiful and exciting all together!


Sorry if this was bad, this is my first ever review so I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to write everything and if I wanted to add spoilers or keep it simple. Hopefully as I keep review dramas I will get better at this!!

大好き사랑해 love^^


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