GOT7 Necklaces

So Got7 has been wearing these weird triangle necklaces for the past couple of days. Honestly, at first I had no idea what they were or why they were wearing them. But, let me tell you that they are the cutest things ever and such a good idea!!!

At first the only ones that wore the necklaces was Mark, JB, Yugyeom, and BamBam. A couple nights ago, while Got7 was doing their concerts in Thailand Jinyoung wore his necklaces. So as of now the only person we are still waiting on is Jackson.

Now, we all know the Got7 logo, but have you ever thought of it like 7 triangles all put together to make the finished logo!!! To tell you the truth I hadn’t thought of that and once mark posted his tweet with it I was blown away!

Here is the tweet:

mark tweet

Now, I should probably show you all of the boys actually necklaces since that is probably the reason your looking at this. Just a disclaimer, I don’t know all of the exact reason why they chose what they wanted on their necklace so all of the theories are either what I personally think or from what I have read from other ahgase! Thank you!

The Necklaces:



Photo Credits to: @got7_prince


Youngjae: This one is the easiest to understand. This signature 3. This is pretty much is brand/logo for himself and his music. If you flip the 3 to its left side then you can see a C a Y and a J all connected(his initials) and the logo also has the word “ars” written twice. Very cute and meaningful necklace.

BamBam: His is a snake in a spiral shape. This one I am honestly a little confused about so if someone understands it better please let me know!! But, personally I think it is just a symbol of himself since a lot of the time he will post a Instagram post with Yugyeom and his captions will have the snake emoji and any emoji.

Yugyeom: I think this one is his new logo that he made. Yugyeom has recently started to make his one music and produce some songs and this flower image is what he has been using since. I think is it so pretty and unique.

JB: This one I am so so so confused about(I am honestly also confused when it come to JB cause I just can’t figure him out). It is a palm tree and I know that he really likes getting away and relaxing and feeling at ease so the only thing I can think of is that he is pulling those feelings of relaxation through the image of a palm tree.

Mark: His necklace is kind of hard to see but it is 93 in roman numerals. 1993 is the year the Mark was born so he has 93 written on his necklace. My favorite part about his necklace is honestly the bling that he has on it, such a Mark thing to do!

Jinyoung: This necklace is probably my favorite, just because it is simple and it is a saying that my mom has told me a lot as well. Jinyoung’s necklace says, “Cant take it when i’m gone”. He said that this saying is really important to him. He said this is something his father had told him when he re-debuted as Got7. This is such a good phrase and I love that it means so much to him.

Jackson: ??????

Hopefully sooner or later we will see the last triangle to the puzzle and then we will have the completed logo for Got7. The only thing let is for all of the ahgase to get a matching triangle necklace!! Any ideas….?


大好き 사랑해 love^^



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  1. JB one means Paradise, his song team name..

    Jackson one was Wang in chinese…


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