Do Bong Soon Fashion

Every time I watch a new episode of any Korean drama or Japanese drama I am always n love with so many of the outfits worn. The only problem is, I never fully take in the outfit and remember the key points of it. Now I really really love fashion(it is actually something I might minor in at college) so of course I want to gain knowledge about the outfits worn and how the stylist of the shows styled certain pieces.


Honestly, I am probably just to caught up in the coolness of the outfit to remember, but that aside I still really want to learn more about fashion for myself and my future from these professional stylist on these shows.

(I will probably do a in depth post about how the stylist pick the clothes and stuff after I research it more^^)

Anyway, I figured I would put some of my favorite outfits from the Korean Drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”, because she had such a cute but very chic fashion sense in this drama. It was girly but still cool at the same time, which is some of my favorite styles!


Number 1 ~ DAHONG Gingham Strappy Top


Okay so the second I saw this outfit I fell in love!! It is such a simple style, but something I had not thought of! I absolutely LOVE the white long sleeve under the tank top. For me, I feel really weird going out just wearing a tank top, but I have so many cute ones so this outfit opened up so many doors for styling cute tank tops!

Number 2 ~ RENEEVON Blouse RBS1715 + O!OI Stripe Short Vest


I am not usually a big fan of vest, but I think that is mostly because I don’t know how to style them. This outfit though!!! OMG SO CUTE! I really didn’t fall in love with this outfit until a couple days after seeing the episode, but I think it is such a smart choice on the stylist part! Both of the pieces on their own are cute, but kinda of boring so by combing them it made something simple but so unique. I also love the idea of combining the navy blue color with the off neon yellow and black stripes on the vest, they work SO well together!!

Number 3 ~ IMVELY Colorful Daily Knit17882974_637819086427783_383744251176943616_n

I know you can’t quite see the whole dress in this picture, but trust me this outfit made me scream! I am all for making a dress more amazing then it always is and especially with a pop of color. Yellow is my favorite color so I loved the idea of putting a somewhat fit sweater under a tank top style dress! (I really like layering if you can’t tell lol) The dress has two patterns on either side and I think this craziness of the dress was really toned down to be more of a calm look with the sweater. Definitely my favorite outfit out of all the outfits Do Bong Soon wore.

Number 4 ~ NEW BALANCE Uni Lettering on Back half sleeved tee17881804_1512840982067910_661294787420225536_n

Do Bong Soon wore ALOT of sweatshirts and hoodie types in this show and WOW every single one of them are SO cute!! I can’t stress enough how much I wanted to buy every hoodie she wore! This one really caught my eye, because of the short sleeves. Now Do Bong Soon has a long sleeve shirt on under it which I love because the long sleeve shirt is fitted to your arm while the hoodie is big! Wow great pick on the stylist part!!

Those are just 4 of the 1000 outfits that I love in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”. If you ever need any inspiration for you outfit tomorrow just check out @kdrama_fashion on Instagram because they are amazing and post some of the cutest stuff!

In detail post about stylist for Korean dramas coming soon!^^

大好き! 사랑해! love! ^^


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